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  1. Bring up your F1 GTN config tool and it should show all of your aircraft listed,scroll down until you see your aircraft and press the config button.
  2. Thanks, all working good,deleted YTYA from OZX files elevation now correct.
  3. The elevation correction for YTYA is not adjusting for P3D v4.4 and P3D v3.4 ,I have run the auto elevation several times and applied as required. I have tried manual disabling as well.
  4. Problem overcome , deleting the app data and letting it rebuild seems to have done the trick?
  5. All of my Europe scenery will not load CTD OZ and US all load as normal,
  6. Congrats to Orbx ,coming up to my 10th anniversary with them. In the early days they needed us flight simmers to keep the company going ,ie ,we would pre-pay for the next project that they were planing to release. Thanks Orbx !!
  7. I would like to know if my GTX 970 GPU 4Gig would be adequate for a 4K monitor to run P3d V4 at the higher res. Need Advice !!
  8. Having recently upgrade from my old Core i7 920 to the i7 6700 OC 4.6 G and a new mother board.The joy of running all settings to max was, and is mostly great! However that old OOM now is happening too often. Finding the optimum settings for P3d 3.4 ie eye candy and performance is now what I am looking for. I would like to ask the forum what others consider their best settings. The addons I run are Active Sky ,Ultimate traffic ,and GSX
  9. When I load Europe or Global airports, the sim dies as soon as I click any where on the screen.However the US and Australia areas load and run as normal. I have tried Reinstalling Global and Vector and run the configuration tool to no avail. I have the latest library update installed . Any ideas welcome
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