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Max goes to school

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I got dragged to doggie school last Sunday. I finally convinced my wife that Max HAD to be trained. Not that I walk him a lot, I call on my grandkids to do that, I love walking him, but

I don't have the strength to control him anymore. I need him to walk quietly beside me, not career off down the street with me in tow. It's fifty kilo's of flying Labrador, if you've seen those comic sketches of dogs dragging owners down the street - yep that's what I look like 🤪. Just hoping he doesn't take off and wrap me around a lamp post. 

Even the trainer said, "wow that's a big strong dog". And so, it looks like I'm going to doggie school for the next five weeks. Right now, I'm trying to convince my son he should take him with my wife. Not having much luck.  He's a beautiful boy, love him lots, pure bread blood lines from the UK. The breeder had the sperm flown in from the UK so you can probably appreciate his value. He is the daddy of the puppies I posted photo's of some time back. Anyway I've finished waffling......... Max




Thank for looking/reading 🙂


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