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telluride KTX CTD


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I hope I am putting this in the correct area!!, just downloaded telluride (KTEX) for P3D V4.

when selecting KTEX from "airport" page the sim crashes to desktop .

Any help/ advice would be appreciated as this is the first time I have had problems with ORBX ( and I have a lot).

Transaction code:- 5a29a7e19900c

is there a file which would give me a clue as to what is going wrong?.

Steve. UK

Win 7, 32Gig MB, 16 Gig vid

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Is your PC 32bit or 64bit, if 32bit have you tried a system restore or rolling back your MicroSoft updates ?


Here is a post by petfly that may help in finding the culprit


There is a far simpler report on what programs failed in the reliability report.


Control Panel>Systems and Security>Security and Maintenance

Under the Maintenance drop down heading click the underlined View Reliability History

Click the day that you are interested in


Don't be shocked by what you see. Since going over to Win 10 my computer rarely gets above 5.


Is it only at Telluride (KTEX) or other airports you have a CTD ?

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Hi Smudger,

I uninstalled Telluride the redownloaded and installed again CTD once again.

Since I installed Telluride the sim will CTD no matter which a/p I select, so Telluride has been uninstalled yet again

and I have my sim back up & running. so as I mentioned if it won't work first time especially a CTD it's unlikely to to be fixed.

At the risk of failure of the sim as a whole I will not be installing it again.

What I particularly don't like is ORBX comment that they don't want to know about problems & just refer you to the forum.

Thanks for trying to help Smudger but problems like CTD's can be a nightmare to solve  & it's just not worth the hassle.

end of the line for ORBX !.



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When has Orbx stated to you specifically that "they don't want to know about problems"?  I haven't seen it.  Perhaps you can submit a support ticket and get this whole mess cleared up to your satisfaction.  KTEX has worked for many folks with no problems, so there must be a solution to your particular issue.

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A support ticket is clearly stated to be for account queries only.

I find it extremely unlikely that this was the text of any reply.



ORBX comment that they don't want to know about problems & just refer you to the forum


The forums are indeed for support, this one is named the Prepar3D v4.x support forum and its purpose

is to offer support to customers who have that version of P3D and are having problems with FTX products in it.


Clearly, as the allegation is that the product is the cause of a P3D CTD the customer is having a problem.

The Windows Event Viewer report will have stored the faulting module report and this has been requested, however,

the focus does not seem to be on seeking a solution any longer.


It is a fact that the product does not per se cause any simulator version to stop working, as evidenced by the

numerous screen shots taken.

Here is one more, taken just now.




Staff and developers in these forums will do their best to resolve any problems encountered but the process has to be two way.


A copy of the P3D error message would be a good place to start.

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Another thought, how many addons have you got in P3Dv4, there were reports that at a certain amount a CTD occured, if some were removed it was then possible to add new scenery.

Try removing a couple and then reinstall Telluride and check again. The report below explains about it. Copy and paste into your browser.


There is a known issue with P3D v4 and the combined use of addon.xml and scenery.cfg causing a CTD at the scenario OK screen.  Multiple users have experienced this problem.

LM is aware of it.  See this thread: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=126017

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Hi guys,

Ok, lets give this another try.

firstly forgive my rant concerning ORBX which is due to frustration more than anything else.

I have installed Germany, Norway, England, Scotland ,wales Ireland etc all flawlessly so this problem tipped me over the edge!.

ok another reinstall and forced migration ... using the default Airforce jet wonder of wonders telluride worked BUT I was at 3000 ft and dropped like a stone onto the runway.

Took off and flew around, tried the bonanza and CTD. restarted P3D V4 selected another plane (Premier1a from carenado0 CTD.

This is what the error reporting system says:-


Any idea what all this means???, What is DDS?.

Smudger yes 64bit PC.

Addons. FSDT ground services, Carenado premier1 A jet, & that it.

Long text, now what do I do.


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Hi Stewart & Smudger,

well thanks for the reply, this would be my third re- download and install.

However I uninstalled from ftx central, will try your method Smudger.

The only aircraft that will run with Telluride is the default Air Force jet, also found that if I start the sim at the default airport (Eglin I think) then when it loads I am on the runway & not flying.

trying to select another aircraft the sim goes CTD.

Will report back to you both.



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Hi Nick,

Nice of you to forward my problem, but as you say it's nice to get some support from fellow simmers etc.

By the way we share the same surname ha ha although I doubt we are related.

I would like to get this scenery sorted out as it looks very impressive when in the default jet as mentioned.

I am afraid I' m getting on in years now ( more behind me than in front of me as they say) & only just found out that the sim keeps a record of errors etc! & with so much ORBX scenery installed I would hate to make P3D unflyable with a reinstall of everything.

It is strange however that selecting any other aircraft creates a CTD don' t understand that at all.

Best Regards,


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G day Jarrad,

Thanks for the mail, copied the file you sent into the folder you specified but alas no joy, sim crashed back to desktop non of the default planes will load only the airforce jet (default) as previously mentioned when I select KTEX.

when I press "OK" after selecting the airport I get the usual hour glass for maybe 3 secs no " loading scenery" & CTD.



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Check for any traffic programs or other add-ons that may contain FS9 models, as this has shown time and time again to be a cause of unexplained CTDs.


In a situation like yours, I would untick every item in the scenery library that is not default P3D, including moving all traffic files from the Scenery/World/Scenery folder to a safe location until they can be restored, and start the sim to confirm that P3D default is working.  Once that has established you can begin to tick add on sceneries in the library one by one confirming for each one that the sim will load and a flight doesn't result in a CTD.  If you manage to get all sceneries ticked and working you can restore the traffic files into the Scenery/World/Scenery folder.


If an add-on scenery such as KTEX does in fact cause a CTD again then you'll have an accurate picture of exactly which scenery is causing the problem and a further diagnosis should be possible.



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Hi John,

Thanks for the info, well when I untick KTEX the sim runs ok.. all aircraft can be selected without problems.

So it looks as though KTEX is the problem on the face of it?, I am no expert on scenery so maybe that statement is incorrect.

As mentioned the ONLY aircraft that will run with KTEX is the default airforce jet, selecting another ( once on the runway at KTEX) results in an immediate CTD. Maybe there is a clue there.

As you can see I have Jarrad involved now who is a ORBX developer, however his latest suggestion has not worked.

Currently with KTEX Enabled I can fly anywhere but if I change aircraft immediately the dim crashes.

my PC must not like KTEX ha ha.

Thanks again for you thoughts.



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G'day Steve,


Actually John makes some good suggestions which I too would like you to try. In this order: 


1. Disable all AI sliders and then load a flight at KTEX (with KTEX enabled).. does it crash? If yes, then, 

2. Go to your scenery library. Disable *all* entries except for default entries + FTX KTEX. Restart P3Dv4, start a flight at KTEX.. does it still crash? If yes, then,

3. Start a flight at Durango Airport (KDRO) and fly directly to KTEX. Do you get a crash or can you make it to the airport without problems? If crashing, what approximate location does this happen? (you may need to run this test a couple of times to take note of the location). 

4. If you are still getting a crash after this, you will need do a thorough search of your P3Dv4 setup for any possible conflicting sceneries. There are several freeware versions of KTEX for FSX, if you have these installed in P3Dv4 you will need to remove them. If you have any AI packages running, let us know what they are. If you have any other sceneries for this area that are non-ORBX (including large-scope sceneries such as photoreal products, non-ORBX mesh, non-ORBX landclass products etc) this may give some ideas. 

5. If after all this you can't isolate the issue, I'll need some further information from you: 

a) A screenshot of your Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KTEX\Texture and Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KTEX\scenery folders

b ) a copy of your P3Dv4 scenery.cfg file - this can be found in %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4

c) A screenshot of your P3D settings (specifically your graphics/scenery settings)




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Hi Jarrod,

Yes, still crashed after setting AI to 0/none

Ok, I diabled ALL ORBX sceneries ( unticked) in scenery library. left AI set at 0.

ran the sim, selected KTEX & it took me there with no problems with ANY aircraft.

What do you want me to do now.

by the way I have no add-on AI or traffic or anything like that . All my extra sceneries are from ORBX only  which are unticked as mentioned.

The only ORBX scenery still active is Zurich which is "greyed out" and I cannot do anything with it by clicking on it??


PS flying from KDRO to KTEX now.

I noticed that ALL my ORBX sceneries are at the bottom of the scenery library structure is that correct?. Flight successful

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Ok no worries.. so could you please re-enable each ORBX scenery library entry one at a time, start a new flight at KTEX in between, see which entry causes the crash. It is important to start a new flight after each switch to the scenery library to ensure you get a consistent result. If you own any of these products, these would be the best items to start with: 


- FTX Freeware Airports

- FTX Open Landclass North America

- FTX Global Base

- And then any other ORBX addons you have, one at a time. 





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All ORBX sceneries re ticked and no problems !!, only thing is P3D advising me sequential errors in scenery and prompting me to hit the "correct " button. should I?

so what has gone on then ??


Going to KTEX from another a/P put me 3000ft ABOVE the a/p at KTEX??

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1 hour ago, G3YTI said:

All ORBX sceneries re ticked and no problems !!, only thing is P3D advising me sequential errors in scenery and prompting me to hit the "correct " button. should I?


Hi @Nick Cooper and @G3YTI


@G3YTI, yes, of course. Your entire FTX block (the Orbx add-ons set) is below the last position of the Library (actually physical position). See below:






Answering "yes" possibly the Library will adjust as it should be.



However, since you own Orbx products, you need to adjust the Insertion (s) Point (s).


In your case, simply adjust the starting position of the FTX block. Look at the screenshot below:








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Hi Voyager,

Thanks for the mail. Now I am really confused !.

I can see your in FTX central under settings etc I clicked on the down arrow and "at the top of the scenery library is highlighted do I select FTx and save. Have I got this right?.


PS just checked the Scenery library in P3d and all the ORBX scenery is now at the top. but sim still CTD


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Hi All,

At last I think we have the problem.

I tried shutting down each scenery file/s (ORBX) and found that the following crashed the Sim.


""            ""         07_MESH

""            ""         08_CUSTOM

The sim starts every time providing the above files are disabled in scenery library.

Some of the scenery objects are about 20ft up in the air, the fencing along taxiway to 27 etc.

small price to pay for getting the sim working again



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Hi All,

I have further narrowed this problem down to the first entry:- FTX_NA_NRM06_CVX.

This is the Northern Rockies scenery I installed a while back, as soon as I enable this section  (06)immediate CTD.

I am now flying around KTEX with no problems at all & enjoying the great scenery  .


Regards to All


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HI All,

Do I need to start a new "help" request concerning the problem with Northern Rockies and KTEX on my system, I would like to install jackson Hole scenery but evidently it requires NR which in my case is disabled to prevent KTEX CTD.


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