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  1. Hi EMM, For sure that I enjoyed those, from depth of my heart.
  2. Much like real life. Fantastic set of shots, buddy.
  3. You've captured the spirit of the aviator! Fine shot mate.
  4. Impressive shots. I enjoyed 'm all
  5. This is very easy. When you install an Orbx add on, do as in the figure below. Then when it's time to re-install it, inform in the same "installation options" that you already have a backup, and point to the folder where it is. That's it!
  6. I have the habit of saving a backup on an HDD. they are cheap, and I can put it in a USB Dock Station when I'm going to download an add on. That way, if I want to change equipment, it is easy to reinstall everything again, without consuming too much Orbx download band. Cheers,
  7. To know the prerequisites for purchase / installation, you can always look at the bottom of the purchase page. See the figure below.
  8. Great that you have chiming here. I no longer knew what to do. I reviewed the entire installation and nothing. Many thanks, Greg.
  9. Unfortunately you're right. On my PC, I do not see the cones either. They no longer appear. I've tried everything. I'll let this one go. Good luck mate.
  10. Hi Nick, Thanks for the quick response. After seeing your screenshots, I went to FTXCentral and ran a Verify Files. I rebooted XP into EGFT and there were the windsock cones. Sorry to make you lose your time, buddy. All settled now. A big hug.
  11. Hello XP support I noticed that the two Windsocks from EGTF Fairoaks Aiport are not showing the cone. Could you check this issue? See the figures below: 1. 2. 3. Thanks in advance.
  12. So much appreciated your comment @boetie Thanks mate.
  13. Hi Patrick, Thank you. And did you know that was my intention? LoL Give up because of time ... I did not want to bust the ten minutes, which is already a lot of time in terms of videos for information.
  14. Attention please, this is a raw video. It was recorded while flown, uncut. A fast flight (an aggressive one even! LoL). Wanting too much in no time... haha. However, there is a certain malice of mine: I want you to notice the smoothness of XP11 ... Despite the certain aggressiveness, the flight continues smoothly. Cheers,
  15. Thank you Martyn. Unfortunately I can not always be here, because some commitments take my time now. But whenever I can, I'll be around, mate. Cheers,
  16. Thank you John, my friend. As always, very kind of you. But I still have some commitment outside of our hobby that does not leave me free time yet.
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