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  1. Thanks for the clarification, wolfko. I don't own any TE products, so I can't comment about autogen vegetation changing or not.
  2. Truthfully, that's not how I understand how the TE scenery works. It's a once only snapshot of the area in question, dependent on when the photo was taken. That seems to be the feedback that I have read, anyway.
  3. Robert, TE uses photoreal scenery, the regions use landclass scenery--two different display methods. TE scenery doesn't change with the seasons, the landclass regions do.
  4. Hey, Rodger. I believe you have to go out and find those airstrips. There was at one time a google map or kmz file of their locations, but off hand I don't know where that is located on the Orbx site. Perhaps someone knows where to find it. Stew
  5. Thanks, Nick. I had forgotten about the two extra parking spots--it's been awhile.
  6. It appears to be for v5 only, per the product page information.
  7. I take it you are not keen to trying my suggestion I posted above ^^^? If so, there doesn't appear to be any other solution.
  8. There was a recent update to the Orbx Libraries. Perhaps that's the one you are referring to?
  9. Thanks, Nick. Wasn't really sure of the proper place to post this. It's an unusual problem which I haven't encountered before when using SimStarter.
  10. The file in question is this: FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\APT_LPPT.bgl. If this file is not turned "off", then when using SimStarterNG to start a flight at Lisbon, SimStarter does not list the correct starting positions, even though P3Dv4.5's starting positions are listed correctly, and I have "refreshed" the airports using SimStarter's airport refresh tool. Any comments from SimStarter users or perhaps an Orbx Central expert are welcome. Thanks. Stew
  11. I recommend it, as long as you make the adjustments made in the thread, especially to get rid of the vehicles on taxiway B.
  12. Hi, there! What did I miss? I'm running this package on v4.5hf3 already for many months. Is there a problem? Stew
  13. Thanks, Jon, for your persistence and the bgl file! Stew
  14. I found the snow mounds and turned off those two files. Thanks for the tip, Jon.There's still vehicular traffic on a part of Taxiway B. Stew
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