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  1. Hi Pete and renault. . Thank you so much for your conclusions. So better to wait awhile and see what happens. Mean I get quite good frames now, so not to bad. Thanks for your help both of you, I mean Scot and Pete. Derek.
  2. Hi Scott. Yes thanks for the info and yes I was thinking of upgrading with a new motherboard and Cpu. Like a Z490 is it and possibly an Intel I7 KF. Wether that would help or I’m not sure. Thanks anyway Derek.
  3. I think I’m worrying over nothing as just did a Flight from Compton Abbas to Lee on Solent my local Airfield and I was getting between 30-45 frames. So thinking that’s pretty good. Thanks Derek.
  4. Just to say I thought I would have got a few more frames than what I’m getting at the moment. Thanks Derek.
  5. Originally I had a 1060 with 6gb ram. I finally I managed to buy a 1080ti for just over £500. My question is I have been watching Hudison on YouTube and his system includes a 1060 with 6gb but he is getting the same frames as I’m getting with a 1080ti. How is that, this is with the same settings in MSFS as he has. Any idea’s why this is please. Thanks Derek.
  6. It’s ok, I had a quick flight today and everything went well. I also noticed that I had a few things like the auto mixture set to on and a few other things. So should be sorted. Thanks Derek.
  7. Just thought I think you have to download some drivers for the Honeycomb Yoke, not sure as my son bought the Yoke Weather he bothered to download the drivers. As he bought it when it first came out. I will have to ask him. On a second thought the sim was ok at first as everything did work ok. Thanks Derek.
  8. Just noticed is that in Xplane. Thanks Derek.
  9. Excellent shot. Well done Filou. Derek.
  10. As above went to have a fly around yesterday in the C52 this is in MSFS plus it took awhile to set everything up as I use my computer for other games. Tried to set up the engine controls and I just couldn’t set the Mixture or the throttle right. I had to reverse both the throttle and the mixture and then went to save it and it seemed to save ok but when I went back to the cockpit the two controls had reversed again. Anybody had this problem before. I tried it several times and the I just gave up. Meant to say I was using the Honeycomb Yoke and a Logitech Throttle. Thanks Derek.
  11. Love the rusty van. Definitely be on my list but there’s so much to buy these days and I cannot keep up with it all.. Thanks Derek.
  12. Hurray got it to work. Trouble was it kept downloading the old Central and not the new one that looks like a plane or whatever it is. Thanks Derek.
  13. No not working so think I will have to uninstall Orbx Central and reinstall it again ?. Thanks Derek.
  14. Hi Nick and just realised the post is in the wrong forum. Sorry. Been doing that and it just keeps spinning for ages, but will try again. Thanks Derek.
  15. Hi. At the moment I’m on Orbx Central 4.3.33 is it and I see there is an update for it, but for some reason I can not seem to update it as when I do the update it just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing happens. Thanks Derek.
  16. Nice to see you Jack and P3Dv5 looks amazing but I got rid of P3Dv4 awhile ago as could not afford to have loads of Fltsims on my system, so settled on Xplane and the new one. Thanks Derek.
  17. Hi John thanks for that, plus I think I have watched a few of his videos and they very informative. Thanks Derek.
  18. Thanks guys for the info and Nick did have P3DV4 but took it off to concentrate on Xplane and MSFS 2020 so perhaps some one will bring one out in time. Thanks Derek.
  19. Could not find it on the Captain Sim website and searched online as well. Derek.
  20. Thanks for that bernd1151, so Captain Sim Herc it is and great shots Richard. Thanks Derek.
  21. I take it that it is MSFS so who’s Herc is that please. As it does look good. Thank you Derek.
  22. Hi. Think this was brought up a while ago about the Needles being missing. Not on my computer at the moment so can not check to see if it’s a sorted or not. Thanks Derek.
  23. Hi John sorry for not replying to you earlier. One thing how big will the app be, small I guess and seeing as I already have a Windows app on the drive where I hope to install MSFS, will be ok to put it in that app folder or ok to leave it out of the folder so there will be two Windows apps folders. Thanks Derek.
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