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  1. Wow. 4 months in hospital and rehab with a broken leg and this page is still on the same number as when I went into hospital.
  2. @Wolter van der Spoel and @Ryan Masonhave been active on Facebook.
  3. Terry Carter (TeeCee) lately. It has been a long time since his last post.
  4. Still only a youngster. Turned 74 last October.
  5. I turned 74 last month but still classed as a youngster here.
  6. For me it was 68 when I retired from those terrible 0400 starts as a taxi driver.
  7. Could be. I have an Insiders version of W10. I get regular updates I will look at the Insiders problem.
  8. Thanks everyone. Thanks for the link Nick. I have downloaded the X-Box Beta and will try again tonight as I have medical appointments today and getting ready for a house inspection tomorrow so will be busy for the rest of the day.
  9. I have installed MSFS to the default Program Files folder but when I try to run MSFS2020 I get an error message. When i check there appears to be nothing in the folder but when I check the app store it tells me the programme is installed. Here is the message I am getting.
  10. Us old farts lead a rather quiet, mundane life here with sudden bursts of activity then a hiatus to rest up for the next one. Oh did I mention we occasionally fire up our sim and take off anywhere in the world.
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