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  1. Thank you! We have a basic interior for the tower that is not in the screenshots, I'm yet to see how we progress with that. It's likely that we add a little bit of details in there at least As for ENGM I'll leave it up to Finn to make any comments on the current progress but the project is alive and well
  2. G'day everyone, For those of you not following our project progress page at Facebook I figured it was a good time to make a brief update post. If you are not unfamiliar with the page and is interested in the progress of this project I recommend checking it out. I aim to share something weekly and it's a nice way for me to keep in touch with all of you! Here is a link if you want to check it out: Click here to go to the project page As for the progress: First of all I want to share that Jetstream Designs joined me earlier this fall on this project. I assume most of you are familiar with his work (he got a lot of his work on the Orbx store that I really recommend checking out). He has made incredible sceneries such as Paris-Orly, Toulouse, Nantes, Linate, the list goes on. An incredible talent that share my view on visuals and quality and is bringing a lot to the table. Regarding the construction progress we are moving forward quickly at the moment. The more time consuming tasks like the terminal areas are locking in on almost one pier per week now with T5A/B/F probably finishing up before end of this month, which leaves work with T2 & T4 before that whole complex is ready. A lot of the airside buildings are at a late stage in the process. I spent quite a bit of time on some new custom GSE items earlier this fall that will be introduced at ESSA and some were introduced in the ESMS update recently released. We got quite a bit left on landside things and the less noticeable building objects, which should be a quick turn around in comparsion to the other things we are working on. The ground is finishing up and we landed incredible ortho imagery that combined with the updated high-res mesh and our new ground texture set is really a huge difference (in our humble opinion at least!) to the current offerings. I hope to showcase that in the next few weeks. I know a few of you are wondering about the P3D and X-Plane version, those will be looked at once this is complete and released and as long as there is a market for it at that point they will be converted. Here are some screenshots from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, please note it's all a work in progress with a lot of objects missing, and things might change. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Marcus
  3. Yes if you read the list again you see it says “optional statics”
  4. Here are some new GSE for ESSA. Best place to keep an eye on the project is the project page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077462715941 Cheers, Marcus
  5. Thanks Nick for stepping in, Yep a great update is being worked on to update the main changes that has occured since the release like the new terminal and the hotel being finished. Will also include animated airside traffic, moving jetways, optional statics, new GSE and new ground textures and updated interiors for parts of the terminal. Many assets are being shared with the ESSA v2 project I'm working on so it might be a bit longer before it is finished.
  6. Yes some of that can for sure be adjusted. Thanks for pointing that out, forgot about that feedback!
  7. Havent heard about that. Havent had any reports of sim issues with any of my products either. ModelLib is not a default file, its the whole unique object library for my products but i assume you mean the naming and not the content. What ive heard and adjusted is the path naming which is unique to avoid scenery file mix ups. So if i would remove that file that would effectively remove all content in my sceneries. edit: see now you referred to the name. I can have a look at that if it causes issues but i would assume that would be related to the path as well in that case which is already dealt with so not sure how that would be an issue.
  8. That is how it is set up. You can't add an animated jetway to a spot if it is not labeled as GATE. I think the problem being the airline labels. Right now there are airline codes for two of the normal parking I just noticed, must have put the codes on the wrong spots for some reason, I can adjust that in a patch to direct them to the gates. But just to be clear, all jetways are GATES, all other parkings are RAMP. ATC should still direct them to a specific parking, why it is not doing that I have no clue.
  9. Nice! We can set airline codes for the gates, might direct the AI there instead. With my testing when they said taxi to general aviation parking they parked at the gates though. Plus there isn't any general aviation parking really, there are just none-gate parkings. The general aviation parking is the area in the east corner of the tarmac (AG01-AG08) but as it interferes with parking 09 they are not enabled in the scenery. Still a bit confused about the logics of the built in ATC and AI system.
  10. Progressing well! Everything is on a bigger scale so it takes a bit further before we can have more comprehensive in-sim previews. I use ESGG as a playground as they share many assets but those ground textures were made for Arlanda if you missed the caption. Hopefully we can show some more in-sim screens from Arlanda soon. And we have been previewing stuff for ESSA a few times the last couple weeks, if you missed that, including from the sim.
  11. have been looking at Bilbao but that one needs quite some work to bring to today’s standards so sometime but not this year
  12. Seville would have been a nice one but think there is a version already and heard about other devs invested in it
  13. Thanks Neil that is very very kind of you to say Yes! ESGG is getting a similar update to ESMS. A little teaser coming here! Here are some of the new ground textures for ESGG (last one is the current look of them), same ones we are using for ESSA And current look: Quite an improvement if I may say so! Quite proud to be honest!
  14. Take a ride to LESO, that's the coolest airport in Europe and just a short trip from LESU
  15. Thanks Carlos! Thank you Nick, that makes me very happy to hear thanks! To be honest I haven’t tried it with GSX but the jetways are made according to the SDK so I assume they will work fine. If there are GSX issues I’m sure we can have a look at that. Need to get GSX myself i think
  16. Im sorry if i didnt take action if you contacted me! The flags should have been added for sure, that was a miss on my end. Hope this new version will cover what you initially missed. Check your email, ive sent you a message!
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