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  1. I went online and brought a backcountry chart/map to better enjoy flying some of the great addon airstrips I've picked up on Orbx. The chart is double sided and about 2'x3' when opened up. The paper is a gloss type that seems it would be waterproof. Lots of useful info on it. Heres the webpage that I got it from. https://idaho-aviation-association.myshopify.com/ They dont give a preview of the chart so I felt like it was a gamble on the product but after getting mine, can attest that its of quality and I will find it fun and useful when navigating the Idaho backcountry.
  2. By no means am I unhappy with what Orbx is now but after seeing a recent freeware release of seabases in B.C Canada of Port Neville, I thought back to how much I used to enjoy flying the Tongass, Misty and Glacier seabases. Then with seeing what is now possible with water masking and all the details not to mention with seasons coming to 2024..man it sure would be nice to see a remake of that area.
  3. Hoping to hear feedback from some Orbx developers as well as any and all thoughts from the community. I've been keeping a non-IT eye on what all I can on AI and AGI progress. I've seen videos of things like Devin which is presented a task with a goal and then sent off to research, develop, code, debug and package said task. I'm impressed with many aspects of AI and also realize there are a lot of unknowns that open up all kinds of feelings. However, the purpose of this post is to just chew the fat on the basic idea of how could AGI benefit scenery developing. Lets take an airport and use it as an example as if it was going to be a new project. We will use Airport X and its airport code is XXXX. I'm guessing when a developer seeks to start a project the first thing they would want to do after determining which airport they would want to do is to research what free or available non-copy righted material there is out there for the airport. This research would also look to help find out as much as could be found for available photographs and blueprints to help in determining all the buildings and objects that are on the field. So step one would be basically just research. Next it seems, would be to start the designing of the airport by using computer tools to build the 3d objects and then place them followed by texturing them. Finally to compile and package everything up. This is obviously an over simplification of the process as scenery design takes months for a small airfield but with AGI's help could that be changed? Could scenery design benefit from AGI? If a scenery developer had a human helper that was on crack and never slept and all they wanted to do was create scenery, could an airport be done in a week, a day, an hour? Could entire states or regions be cranked out for developed worlds that have lots of available data and satellite and aerial imagery? Seems MS has found a way years ago to create what 20,000+ airports within a few years way back in FS98 days. So are there areas that AI could just crush it in helping out if it understood how to use the developer tools, what the end results should look like and where to find the needed data? If a developer where to visit and airport and take all the on field photos of all the buildings and just dump those photos onto the lap of AGI and say this is what I got at Airport X start to build it for me, with the idea that AGI would understand the task, know how to use the tools to build and texture and identify what goes where based off of the available data, could this be the future of scenery design? I get that its hard to vision what AI and AGI will become but I do realize that it is coming and sooner than later. I also feel compiling scenery might be a big time consuming part of the development but would like to hear from some of the great developers here and all others who share in interest in this topic. Are there shortcuts in time development and efforts if AGI would be used to help or even take the lead roll?
  4. Great captures! Love Nantucket made it into the mix. I've got pretty much every one of those addons sitting on a backup drive. So many great locations.
  5. Thanks Wayne. I have MSFS and XPlane12 currently installed. I just got the computer on Thursday and my focus was in getting MSFS all up and configured as a priority. I will eventually add AeroflyFS because flying a Helo in VR is very realistic in that sim of which I have a collective and stick but since it will be VR I can set that up outside the simpit as I just need the chair that already has the collective attached to it and so that will be a small addition and easy to do. For XPlane I really like the REP planes and the Baron as it makes for a great all weather (de-ice boots) VFR & IFR option to fly. However, as I am getting use to this new Accusim v2, the real pilot in me is loving the fact that the simpit is growing its own identity with the persistent wear and really makes me focused on being the best pilot with power plant and airframe in mind.
  6. For two years I've been designing my new simpit and in a way, I am happy that I waited as only the software and hardware got better. I enjoy flying small GA (single and twin) in both standard and VR so I wanted to design a simpit that allows all of that. With standard flying I determined that having G5s covering my 6pack and AirManager for all the support gauges, I could switch out from various planes. To keep it authentic for the two different types of TPM (Push/Pull vs rotating levers) I installed both. Lastly for VR, which I only enjoy flying in VFR conditions based on the work load, I put in the Logitech radio panel to allow me to change freq with a knob as well as the GTN750. So heres three videos of my new simpit that is completely mobile and self contained. Just needs three cords to be plugged in. One that provides all the power, one that powers the heater-a/c, and an internet cord. (Looking to add skylink to it as well). I picked up 11 Black Friday Orbx addons of the few ones I dont already own so I have some great exploring to do in the near future.
  7. Looking forward to all that 2021 brings. Of the list the ones I see that are items Ive been waiting for are KNVY for MSFS KAVX for MSFS KBUR for XP11 Really hoping to see more of the small GA PNW airports find their way into MSFS, any Pilotedge towered controlled airports find their way into XPlane 11. Of everything, KNVY a Class D airport is the airport that most interest me for my enjoyment of GA flying on PilotEdge.
  8. There's so many great airports...I just hope they use the new grass and ground terrain on the fields. Going to be hard to go back to the patchy grass.
  9. Another winner. Great little airport in the sim and real life. I loved landing there knowing that fence was on the end of the runway as well as taking off from theire.
  10. Thats an airport beacon! They have one just cant been seen from the air (nor does it work) HA!
  11. Two I did in May. This one I flew and landed and took-off at in a xwind which was something to be proud of. This one I was supposed to fly in and out of but couldnt rent a plane because of Covid.
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