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  1. Good morning, is there the possibility of new Spanish airports for MSFS as well as airport updates such as LEAS LEBB? Have you ever thought of taking a tour of the Caribbean for small, medium and large airports? Thanks
  2. Is there any way for the new ORBX Central to order the scenarios like the old one? I'm not sure about the insertion point Thanks
  3. Hello guys, merry christmas and happy new year. Install my P3d v4 from scratch, it is something very strange, it would never have happened to me, after several configurations, delete sadhers folder, change the frame rate to 30 fps, I continue with the blurry textures as soon as I am arriving to cruise, some more solution ? Is there a way to unravel the global and install it again? in the new central I do not see to be able to desist as in other products. Thank you
  4. What I expect like many users is that it does not carry an additional cost since we are unable to enjoy it due to the performance problem
  5. Hello friend, thanks for your understanding I send you capture of my system, as for the graphics is the 1080 6GB MSI All the products I have from ORBX do not cause me any problems.
  6. Good night, because when you can not use it is when installing it and you see me with 5 FPS unfortunately so it can not be used, I feel my English can sometimes be misunderstood thanks
  7. I'm sorry my friend, but I don't scream one thing is to write in capital letters and another to write and the lyrics appreciate big, a thousand apologies but I never try to offend anyone thanks
  8. We need a product update, buy a product and take a month without being able to use it ................ that's not good.
  9. LEAS update? Flags, the catwalks are transparent people should be seen embarking. Thank you
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