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  1. Love these small airports, but tarmac and runway textures do not look realistic in preview pics compared to google/bing images. Same complaint I have with Stapleford which is underwhelming in MSFS. Please focus more on runway texture quality and realism.
  2. Great looking scenery, but runway slope does not appear to be completely accurate. I reviewed a few real-life videos on YouTube and runway does not slope upwards at the bottom. This is causing problems with ground roll. Is it possible to fix elevation? Thanks.
  3. Same here. Selecting 26 puts me on 33. Any plans to fix?
  4. That's missing the point. Third party products are lacking ILS functionality available in default airports which is problematic. Not all users want to study ILS charts every time they play MSFS.
  5. Any updates on this issue? ILS frequencies still are not auto-populating on MFD/FMS for Orbx products. They work fine if entered manually, but it's a pain to look up each time. ILS frequencies auto-populate for all default airports and would like to see the same functionality for Orbx. Thanks
  6. Hi Jon. Here is what I see with TE GB Central (latest update). There is a dip/bump in the runway. Wondering if it's possible to smooth this out a bit. Thanks.
  7. Same here. My FPS only changed by 1-2 when lowering texture quality and objects to medium. FPS is about 7-8 lower at the gate compared with Edinburgh.
  8. Hi Jon. Thanks for investigating. I tested some more on Mac and PC and FPS is poor on both. The situation is much worse on Mac/Metal where I have shuttering across the entire airport. No shuttering on PC/Vulkan, but terminal FPS is lower than other comparable Orbx airports (I own many). I suspect there is an object that's causing problems.
  9. I purchased EGNT for XP11 and getting very low FPS around the terminal. On runway (which is bumpy), FPS is 30 but shutters are very bad. This is the worst performing Orbx product I have purchased to date. I'm running on Mac with metal and will try on PC/Vulcan this later today. Anyone else having issues?
  10. Agree with the sentiment here and I would also like to see the TE series continue for XP. I've played around with MSFS for a few weeks now and the novelty has worn off. Some of the visuals in MSFS are amazing, but the whole experience feels a bit fake (reminds me of playing Forza). Most importantly, the planes and avionics are garbage and sounds like it will take years before quality aircraft are available for the platform. At the end of the day, the most important part of flight simming for me is the flying and this comes down to realistic planes. This is where XP shines and there is long list of great third party aircraft to choose from and some really cool stuff in development. Coupled with Orbx TE, I'm really starting to appreciate how good XP is once again. I'm waiting for Orbx team to confirm if TE series will continue and provide some type of roadmap.
  11. Looks amazing! These TE products really make XP come alive. Any airpots planned at the time of release? BTW - I'm getting annoyed by the MSFS trolls on these forums and the nonsense speculation. MSFS is mostly hype at this point (i.e. good marketing). I work for MS and will continue to support XP given the focus on flight dynamics and active community. Each platform will have its pluses and minus and appeal to different users.
  12. Hi. KORS has issues and could use an update: Runway is not smooth making it difficult to takeoff/land. Real KORS runway slopes downward towards the water but does not have speed bumps. I know this can be fixed in Ortho4XP. Huge bump at entrance to North Apron (mentioned by other users) Cars in parking lots have GB license plates and include truck models not found in US. Kills the realism. Airport looks empty and could use a few more static planes. I was there this summer and routinely saw 4-6 planes parked.
  13. Hi. AO_A.dds is included in Objects folder. Problem is EPPH_17.obj in Misc subfolder which refers to AO_A.dds in main objects folder. The location reference (TEXTURE_DRAPED) does not work when scenery is installed via symbolic link. I was able to fix the error message by adding AO_A.dds file to Misc subfolder and updating reference in EPPH_17.obj.
  14. Looks like EPPH_17.obj can't locate AO_A.dds in main objects folder (for some reason link does not work on Mac). Why not paste a copy of AO_A.dds in Misc folder and change TEXTURE_DRAPED link? Please update so that file is not overridden by Central. Otherwise, scenery is really good. Thanks.
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