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  1. An exclude to remove the Asobo default building is still required for this Landmarks pack.
  2. Nice work, guys. Remember, if you decide to create a version for P3D, I would be more than happy to beta test it for you (P3Dv4.5HF2).
  3. You have an even bigger problem, because that scenery is not TrueEarth. Do you have any other scenery regions active that may be conflicting with TrueEarth?
  4. They are developing a new version for the updated PMDG 777.
  5. Can someone please let me know when those UK airport updates are expected to be released? Late November was the suggested date when they would start to be rolled out, but it is nearly March now, and still no news. Have these been put on indefinite hold, or can we expect them any time soon?
  6. I saw the very same dawn colours that can be seen in Iain's photo when I was walking to work this morning. For anyone who does not know, my home town of Ulverston is about 9 miles away from Barrow-in-Furness.
  7. Get well soon, Iain. You are just up the road from me, so take advantage of the kindness and care that those lovely people at Furness General Hospital provide. I was in for two nights last February with a broken hip, so give them my best wishes
  8. I do know from experience that this problem can occur if the correct autogen models have not been installed (this happened to me when I forgot to add the updated tree models when I used Earth Simulations TreeScapes with the Horizon UK VFR Photographic Scenery packages). If I remember correctly, error messages will be displayed at this point during the loading process if you have the "Error Reporting" box ticked.
  9. I see that you had a similar problem three months ago, and that a reinstall of Orbx Global Base Pack resolved the problem. Have you considered doing that again?
  10. I am sure that they have not abandoned P3D. It's just that porting their existing airports over to Microsoft Flight Simulator gives the impression that there are loads of releases in quick succession! Having said that, it would be nice to know when those updates to the Orbx UK airports will be released.
  11. The Blackpool area is pretty flat, so we need a much larger screenshot (or set of screenshots) to see if anything is amiss. If you are certain that this area is even flatter than it is supposed to be, then check that the GB Central Mesh folder is active.
  12. I assume that you would need the autogen scenery density (trees and buildings) set to DENSE or EXTREMELY DENSE to see all of the autogen? Can you check that, Ben?
  13. Are there any other stone circles represented in TrueEarth GB (preferably with individual 3D models, rather than a single complete model)?
  14. That could probably be amended with Airport Design Editor, unless there are static aircraft parked there that are not able to be removed.
  15. I use Digital Design EGGP Liverpool with Orbx TrueEarth GB Central, and it works fine after some adjustments.... I disabled the three Orbx EGGP files (airport/flatten/objects) I added exclusions in the AFD file to disable some Orbx wind turbines I added an exclusion in the AFD file to disable the Orbx version of the Mersey Gateway Bridge I have not noticed any other problems, but there could be one or two that are hard to spot. I do not know what you would need to do with Orbx FTX England, but I suspect that something similar could be done.
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