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  1. The Prinz Eugen was a heavy cruiser, not a battleship.
  2. Oh, I do not expect to see it. I just wanted to say it
  3. Considering that a P3D version was in development for so long, it would be nice to see it released for that simulator.....
  4. Can someone please confirm that the static airliners in the Orbx version of EGNM Leeds Bradford airport can be removed?
  5. I am not sure why MK Studios are not advertising this, but........would it not be useful to point out that purchasing the P3Dv5 version of EKVG Vagar includes the option to install a version for P3Dv4.5? This is the case at another well known online market store, so I assume that Orbx Direct would be the same? I do not have P3Dv5, but when I was made aware of this, I purchased the P3Dv5 version of the airport specifically to download the P3Dv4.5 version (which includes the entire island of Vagar rendered in photoscenery).
  6. My request for the Orbx road map would be for someone to straighten the misaligned runway centreline markings in the P3D version of EGPN Dundee
  7. That is outstanding scenery. Some of the best that I have ever seen. If only they would release a P3D version....
  8. Can someone please explain to me why the Canary Wharf buildings in TrueEarth GB South still do not have any night textures? Surely this needs to be addressed? These buildings are some of the tallest in London, and they are right next door to London City airport. Every time that I depart or arrive at this airport at night, I see these tall black building models with absolutely no night lighting whatsoever
  9. As Kevin so kindly pointed out to me recently after I had reinstalled P3Dv4, I previously isolated the source of the "missing ES Isle of Man" autogen to the Region_GBN_as_Z.bgl file in the TrueEarth GB North Custom scenery folder. Disabling this results in the Isle of Man autogen being displayed. My question is......what does the above file do, and what am I missing by disabling it?
  10. About a year ago, it was stated that there were a bunch of updates in the pipeline for the P3D versions of Orbx UK airfields. Whatever happened to them? I was hoping that the misaligned runway centreline markings at EGPN Dundee could have been added to the list, but I see that this airport is still at version 1.0. Is there any chance of these updates happening now, or is it "all hands on the MSFS deck" these days?
  11. I think a reload of Orbx Central has done the trick, Nick. Thank you.
  12. I have recently reinstalled Prepar3D v4.5 on my PC, and I have started installing my Orbx addons today. However, I am getting an error with the Orbx Libraries. It keeps stating that one file cannot be extracted/installed. I have attempted to Verify the files (including with my antivirus disabled), but without success. Can anyone help?
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