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  1. Thanks Nick – this is exactly what I see with a fresh install of Xplane 11.35r1 (NOT steam) with TE GB South 1.1.1 from OrbxCentral 4.0.4. No other scenery or addons or pugins installed. St Pauls Cathedral is the next building to morph into view and then Waterloo station does the same.
  2. I`m having exactly the same issues as SMB4. I have made a fresh installation of Xplane 11.35r1 with validated installs of TrueEarth North, central and South. The new install has no plugins or addons running. Landmarks – London is above the TruEarth entries. scenery_packs.ini
  3. Thanks for a great addon. What I have seen so far is delightful. Do you by any chance have the PLN for the Round Ireland Tour pdf included in this package? Thanks again, Mike
  4. +1 for Norwich (EGSH). Nice small regional airport with adjoining CITY OF NORWICH AVIATION MUSEUM http://www.cnam.co.uk/index.php
  5. Thank you very much for such a splendid recreation of home. I`m thoroughly enjoying flying across your rendition of England and it brings so much pleasure. Thanks for the tremendous effort and dedication you have applied, which so clearly shows through. I can`t wait for the next instalment from you! Kind regards, Mike.
  6. That`s beautiful, thanks for sharing.
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