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  1. Hi all, now I have another one, it's fun. This is the little hop at Eureka. Thank you for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  2. Thank you very much John! Glad you like it. I never flew an aircraft in real life but I like this one here very much in the simulator. It's rather strong, climbs well and flies very stable. And it's a high quality model.
  3. Hi all, hope everybody is fine here. After months I am flying a bit again and I did my first video in acceptable HD quality. This is really not very much, only a short flight around KRDD, but perhaps I will do more in the future. Seems to work also with my MS Flightsimulator and my Xplane. So far I don't use a microphone or so to speak during the flight, sorry. Hope the link works. Thank you very much for viewing.
  4. Great shots again Adam! According to John you are living dangerous in the CS, there is an technical issue... in the worst case you will have to practice a flight simulation "failure"...in such a case I always shut down the sim, it's the best you can do...
  5. Grerat view of the airport in #3 Martyn!
  6. Great set Pete! #5 is a fantastic shot, postcard quality, the scenery is really well done...
  7. Yes Gerold, it really is, and for me it's the most important aspect in flight simulation, especially since it's getting better and better. Thanks a lot.
  8. Good looking pictures John, my favourite is #8, great view of the scenery. I wanted to install it as well but I now settled in Scandinavia with my MSFS...
  9. For me it was #2 because #1 was PNW and it was in 2013 I think. And it didn't run at all because of my computer in these days, terrible. Nice shots, it seems to be that there was no need to make MSFS because nothing has changed there in all these years since FSX.... don't take that serious....
  10. One of my favourite sceneries, great shots! And the "bear situation" again, I'm really starting to worry how this ended...
  11. One very nice shot John! Is this the entrance on the non-airside? Don't know how to say this in English...
  12. Thanks a lot Martyn, what we have today in flightsimulation is a bit better than years ago... Germany of course is a very nice country as well, but our landscape is more beautiful than impressive and we don't have that much space... it's a bit crowdy here.... Just found that in Washington State you have 36 inhabitants km/2 and in Germany we have 233 (Wikipedia).
  13. Thanks a lot John! And thank you very much Carlos! My pleasure Sir! You have impressive landscape in your country and really enough space ... Glad you like it Adam! To be honest OND I don't understand what you say! Good to hear Pete, thank's a lot, I just did 36 updates in my msfs in the content manager which I didn't watch before.... Thank you very much Iain!
  14. Hi all, this was on a little flight from S93 Cle Elum to KSFF Felts Field. Orbx and Carenado and P3d 4.5. However I only thougt about screenshots when it was already out of the nice Cle Elum scenery...next time better! Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  15. Great post Carlos, perfect shots, thanks for sharing! Did you use the drone camera to capture all the details? They can use the shots for tourism advertising...
  16. Very nice set Gerold, # 4 is a good shot with the monument on the right side and the tower on the left.
  17. Great shots again Adam! And a nice little Piper, which model is it?
  18. Very nice shots John and bold colors! I love this scenery since FSX. I am afraid no, wrong method....
  19. Nice shots of london Graeme and an ultramodern vehicle...things don't get nicer, that's for shure!
  20. Very nice aircraft and scenery Martyn!
  21. Nice set Gerold! Typical money bags!
  22. Lovely shots John! Didn't see the new update yet, so I have something to do now, it never gets boring.. Take the community folder out before you said, ok...
  23. Thank you Carlos, got the file. Seems to be that the toolbar works reulary nevertheless, so this is very good.
  24. Looks very realistic, well done Graeme!
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