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  1. Huh? Won't say beer since Nick spoiled the party last time. So I'll just have a "barley sandwich" and think about my answer before the question. OK I'll just have an other barley sammich . k. So Rodger what was the answer to the question again?
  2. Beautiful shots. Nice plane. Love the "ashtrays".
  3. This takes "safety to a new level. Cheers k.
  4. Great shots indeed Adam. If they get anymore "real" I'd have to wear my wet suit. Well done.
  5. Hmm. Three plus three, uh is it five? Naw, gotta be six. Yeah six is good. Ah man that makes it a "six pack". Lol. Amirite?
  6. Great memory indeed. You would've made a good guard for Auntie Betty. (I still carried full diapers then)
  7. Great shots Bernd. Amazing cloud shots. Sad history on this bird. Glad y'all made it though.
  8. Great shots Darryl. Wet indeed.
  9. Happy Birthday OND. All the very Best to you.
  10. The soft tools in my pants God gave me in "her" infinite "Wisdom". Oh yeah and a bottle opener.Cheers k. Beers I need beers.
  11. +3. Indeed. Welcome back Martyn. Great to hear from you again.
  12. Holy smokes Pete these shots look like real life.
  13. Great shot and color indeed Pete.
  14. Sscuse hic I'm a little ahead of you with the beers Adam, but now have trouble reading them words, hic. Great poem though Rodger. Thanks.
  15. Great shots indeed Darryl. Prima Bella.
  16. Ah, shoot I meant to say before it git's "warm". But seeing the good comments I think it ain't a huge mistake.
  17. The most important move is to quickly duck tape that ripped off fridge door before the beer gits cold Adam. k.
  18. Dee what I mean? Am I the only one with a problem? Cheers k.
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