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  1. Pick up some blue ones (Viagra) and have some fun If there is no interest, you can always use it as a towel rack
  2. Love yer dawgs. They're just saying: "We love you, don't go or it'll be pay back".
  3. Great shots Gerold. PNW is awesome. Fly North on your next trip.
  4. Swim a bit? Ooops I thought y'all meant "swill a bit". I do beers and simming thanks to my auto pilot on my C 47 when T-Bone is too far to the wind I git up and "fast" walk to the fridge. Thank goodness it ain't too far. And then repeat the action as often as necessary. Sorry, I gotta cut this off now. Time to fast walk to the fridge.. Stay safe and exercise smartly. Have a safe and happy weekend. Cheers k
  5. Awesome Gerold. Y'all should've called ahead and I would've had the beers ready. Hilda got all excited and was gonna made sammiches with a generous schmear of Jacks famous Fish Haggis. Or mebby not so lucky if you did. Well there is always next time. Cheers k
  6. No kidding. Happy Birthday again Joe and all the best you.
  7. Hmmm looks "lecker" Gerold.The sparkling wine is a better idea than orange juice.
  8. Bacon, sausage and eggs sunny side up and Tater Tots with Ketchup but hold the mayo.( Oh yeah and a beer but only on Sunday)Can't wait for Sunday.
  9. Happy Birthday Jack. All the very best you and a speedy recovery. k
  10. Ah man I did the same in North Vancouver. Sold it in 1980
  11. Great shots Adam. Happy fourth of July to my American Friends.
  12. If there are no weight restrictions I'd like to volunteer Hilda on any of the pilots brave enough to let her walk on the wings. She is very gentle with the Grizzly bears so there is no fear unless you don't like animals or beer (she likes beer). Oh and yeah she love airplanes too, and beer (did I mention that?). She's great at pulling them out of the hangar and if needed right up the the runway for take off (costs you a lotta beer though well worth it if you chose the right brand). Good luck. Aw man. Totally misunderstood. I thought you said: "Walking on the wing". Still sort of standing by Hilda. No choice she's watching me. I actually like the Stinson. Low and slow. Sorry for the confusion.k
  13. Happy Birthday for "dodging" another one Roger. All the Best to you my man. Sip a few cold ones and I'll join yer.
  14. Thank goodness. Wow, what a heat. We've got fires all over the Province and lost the whole Village of Lytton, BC. Stay safe John.
  15. Happy Birthday to you John. Have a cold one and all the very best to you. Cheers k
  16. "Somewhere over the Rainbow, way up high"? No idea Gerold but a great shot indeed.
  17. "Peachy" shots Darryl. Well done.
  18. I finally discovered what's wrong with my brain: On the left side there is nothing right and on the right side there is nothing left.
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