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  1. Happy Birthday Landon. All the very Best to you my friend. Enjoy a well deserved cold one. Cheers k
  2. Holy cow Adam. I would've spilled my beer for sure is I were sitting in the plane.Great weather shots.
  3. Great shots indeed Martyn. At first when I read "Getting High" I thought "wow Martyn has "flashbacks" like T-Bone has most of the time.. My bad. Lol
  4. Ah man. I didn't want to git in trouble again with Nick and the other party poopers. I wanted to say: When I drove along highway once "F" once () I didn't see any gas station's or signs showing: "Fresh bait, sandwiches or icy cold beers" (Did a ueey real quick). Didn't have the courage then to post. But thanks to you I have now. Actually I changed my mind entirely. Highway "C" with a "full cooler". The made me do it. Lol. Peace be with you Sisters and Brothers.Cheers k
  5. Almost anyone except "F" if I think where it's going to.
  6. I got my wife a new fridge. Her face lit up when she opened it.Oh boy. Kay i'll have another ah oops barley sandwichsorry Nick and Rodger themade me do itCheers k
  7. Great shots of Melbourne. Well done.
  8. You win with that pair in your hands Paul. Beautiful pair of Aces.
  9. Hot diggidy Dawg you did it again. Awesome shots and well done.
  10. Beautiful shots John. Nice plane. Great weekend to you as well.
  11. Great shots indeed Jack. I thought though you would at least try to pop some of them gas bags
  12. Great shots Jack. Have a friend who lives in Boise and it is a very beautiful city indeed. Clean and very friendly.
  13. I love the "Cognac" filled pralines.Sadly they don't come with beer filling.
  14. Happy Birthday Stewart. Where are you my friend?
  15. Great shots Jack. Westjet is a Canadian airline started in Calgary, Alberta. As for workouts I get up to the fridge very frequently and admit it is a "fair" to hard workout. Cheers k
  16. Could be the "flying Dutch Man" Jack. Wowser that's amazing. Nice ship though.
  17. Great shots indeed Jack. Nice to see your posts again.
  18. Great shots Paul. Too early for a beer so I settle for a coffee.
  19. Great shot great weather Jack. That "Boid" woulda've scared the crap outta Tweety Boid.
  20. Great shot Martyn. Awesome clouds. No Monkey business here for sure.
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