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  1. RIP Christine thank for sharing your beautiful voice and talent with us.
  2. Awesome Adam, both. Sitting back having a beer and a smoke listening. Great. Thanks cheers.
  3. Well here we are our Canadian street gang in action. Cheers k
  4. Great topic Rodger. Very much identical to to yours. Honesty, integrity and hard work.
  5. Wow. Well done Paul. Beautiful and interesting shots.
  6. A happy Thanksgiving to you my Southern Neighbors. Enjoy and eat and drink well. Cheers Karl.
  7. Now that is just truly, truly AWESOME. Thanks Adam. Way to go NASA.
  8. Great shot indeed.
  9. Great shots Adam. Looks like the Mule Team's headquarters including the beers on that table.
  10. Wow. Many of these shots look incredibly Real Life like. Well done Carlos.
  11. No happy memories of soccer. I was short and fat as a kid and they made me play soccer. Couldn't run fast enough so when I had the ball I would kick those well playing "jocks" in the shinbones and picked up the ball and wouldn't give it back. Those were the day my friends. Cheers guys that is my soccer story. Now football is a different story that is what I call sports.
  12. For my Aussie friends. Saves us a lotta electricity. And this makes Life much more beerable. Cheers k
  13. My trusted C 47 for all of them. Except that I would have to leave Hilda behind for some of those flights do to weight issues and therefore distance before refueling. Sadly though that means I would have to retrieve my own beers from the galley. Happy flying guys. Cheers k
  14. Just purchased PADU. Same experience with taking off (or trying to)in my Cessna. Not a chance. Pulled a Harrison Ford and took off from the Taxi way. Lol. Great rendering indeed. Love it well done.
  15. Happy belated Birthday John. Thanks for the good work.
  16. 737 (I fly her low and "slowish" through out Alaska) since you didn't list my C47 Rodger. I just wished I could have the interior of the "dream on" ( our Hilda don't look anything like that air maiden in your picture) but with my crew and when I think about our passengers who are on a "no fly list", that table cloth and crystal glassware wouldn't survive take off, so that's not possible.
  17. Great news Don. I'm glad she did not ask you for your bank account number. Good luck with the install. Cheers k
  18. Ah cheers that would probably help. Thanks my Friend.
  19. Great vid. Frank. Now I wanna go there and sip a nice icy cold "Peroni" not wine.
  20. Nice Gas Bag. Great shot indeed.
  21. A very Happy Birthday to you indeed my Friend.
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