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  1. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, not everyone is happy with it.
  2. Hi Jack, I agree with Nick, however, in my case, I have the Steam Version and the Microsoft Store Version and the Steam version seems more stable to install. This might be because I live in Australia (Internet) I still use P3D and even FSX also. The reason for keeping FSX is, I am still unable to catch that UFO after all these years
  3. I ocasionally work out of YMEN, the biggest I have scene is Lindsy's Global Jet, not sure if the 2 DC3's that run out of there are bigger.
  4. Hi Rijk, Unfortunately we do not have an agreement with The Marketplace to facilitate a Transfer. As it stands at this time, if you want products in Central, you will need to repurchase from Central. So is it possible to to scan the One Store Folder and show what you have purchased at The Marketplace to avoid duplicate purchases? The answer is No. FYI. Central is also incredibly convenient. Thanks Richard
  5. Hi, Please submit a Support Ticket found here https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thanks Richard
  6. Hi, Please submit a Support Ticket found here https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thanks Richard
  7. Hi Milan, I have answered the Ticket, apologies, I have been flying around the Gibson Desert and connection was atrocious.
  8. Thanks Gents. Spent the day bouncing around Panawanica. Always fun.
  9. Geez this is an ancient topic! My first PC was an Amstrad. There was a flight game I had, not sure if it was a Sim however.
  10. Hi, To eliminate possibilitys, please see if there is a difference with another aircraft, like a 172. I imagine what looks to be a 777 could be taking a lot of fps.
  11. I didnt think you were judging me when I replied. All good mate. Im to old to be precious. :)
  12. I could not remember the slope gradient, trees on final ect, so a pass overhead first from memory, and OzRunways if a little out of date with some fields in PNG
  13. I has some fun using Volanta on the weekend, great tool indeed. It was great to go over the airports I surveyed in PNG. AYSA, AYYB, AYBB, AYTN, AYXS, AYOJ, AYGQ and AYAL.
  14. Good to see other drummers here, not sure its allowed. Anyway, apart from Copeland, D.Carey is the drum god with those parradiddles. 6.17 minutes into it is timing goodness
  15. It was I who removed the topic, Simply Blown Away. For obvious reasons, please do not share this type of material here at Orbx. Thanks Richard
  16. Hi, I have removed a topic comment, please do not utilise the Orbx Forum to discuss over Vendors or Developers prices. Thanks Richard
  17. G'day Icy, I have removed the Political mention you wrote, we do not allowany political refference here on the Orbx Forum. Thanks Richard
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