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  1. No way up to the time the developed will kindly update this mess...
  2. Hello, I do have some issues with the runway textures in Samos! The RWY 09 start portion is only "satellite" image with no pavement over. Someone knows what happened? Scenario bought through Orbx Central. Thank you
  3. Yes, we modified runway numbers in Graz in early Spring time this year (IRL). The scenery developers were so glad to update the runways in the scenario too, fastly, that was great!
  4. Even if a bit later on, I had some time to make some deep tests on my machine about LOWG and I saw how with the Rolling Cache "activated" (and renewed) was having often crashes. With the Rolling disabled at all is working pretty good (at least it looks to be much more stable)...
  5. I was wondering if Orbx will provide soon any other Italian scenery or not
  6. I'll try again all above. But do not think it can belong to the a/c as is happening only into this particular scenario (which is also, teoretically, simple scenario). Wien which is much more complex works perfectly and smoothly up to 45 frames with no stutters (neither crashes) in ultra setting as I fly normally...
  7. Almost is my situation right now. I removed all I had in the community. Is still here only the CRJ aircraft which I was using to fly. Connected to Austria I only have Graz, Wien and Salzburg (all bought on Marketplace, so are not in this folder, but in the other for the "inside" bought contents... I also have, same folder (same market), Olbia, Firenze and Reggio Calabria. I have still not re-installed anything else form the freeware sourvces since the last update as it broked compatibilities with all freeware addons (almost all). Regarding paywares I am having issues only on graz I made tons of flight in LOWS and LOWW up to know without further issues...
  8. Hello guys, I tried to fly 3 times in the last days in Graz (after the W.U. by Asobo and Runways update for Graz) and I never have been able to make it! Approaching Graz I'm crashing coming nearby the airport. Departing from Graz the loading of the flight works, but when I start to taxi via D to THR16C it crashes. As is happening always and only in Graz I'm kindly asking to investigate further on this.........
  9. Hello, can I specify in "Transaction ID" all products I bought (sold/made by Orbx) within the MSFS Store? Or the "Transaction ID" is only for who purchase products only directly on the Orbx portal? Thank you in advance. BR Andrea
  10. Hello all! I was looking at the Orbx products on the MSFS Store in Austria and Italy (were I fly mostly) and going to buy all Austrian airports (as are all available and looks so super). I have only one concerne right now looking at the GRAZ product screenshots and description. Is this scenario going to be promply updated in the near future to have the runways re-numbered as planned by Airac amdt 243 (in force from April)? Runways changed to 16C/34C due to Mag Var change/recomputation occured recently. Thanks for providing feedback on this. Cheers Andrea
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