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  1. The Top One definitely looks more realistic. CbcDesign it really depends on where you fly whether Bing Maps or Google is better. It varies quite a bit and neither is superior to the other all the time. The big drawback that displeases me on MSFS, is that the Lidar cities usually have a distinct color difference from the surrounding terrain. I wish they could blend their imagery better in those areas. Orbx does a pretty good job at this aspect, however SoCal True Earth is much to dark and red. -Preston
  2. @Anna CicognaniI guess my post will have two parts to it. I was wondering if Jarrad Marshall was still around? From the OG team, he was one of my favorite artists. His products are very nice indeed, especially Felts Field. My second question, relates to your city sceneries and the recent release of X-plane 12. Do you see or have a plan to convert the city sceneries over, as they are actually MORE in need for XP than any other platform? Sincerely, Preston
  3. I wasn’t talking to you sir, I was asking Orbx staff and/or Developers. Clearly there are many more projects under way than what was mentioned in the Roadmap post. Just hoping to hear more about those subjects. -P
  4. What is the word on newer airports like Fresno KFAT making the jump into P3d and MSFS? How about Redding or Felts Field for MSFS? -Preston
  5. Super excited for this news not so excited that you guys have adopted a Imgur for your photos! Please Orbx find a different solution, Imgur is so cumbersome and annoying! -Preston
  6. Good day Orbx Team! I am absolutely in love with Orbx SoCal! I would like to color match an existing ORTHO tile for the YUMA Airport to Orbx, could you tell me what the file name for your Yuma Airport tile would be? I am not modifying Orbx files, just matching to your color. Also there appears to be some clouds that were turned into buildings in the middle of farm fields near MCAS Yuma. Just a heads up for a later patch. -Preston
  7. Finally, I am SO excited for SoCal! This would also be a perfect Map for DCS if Eagle Dynamics would be wise enough to approach Orbx with a RFP to build some maps for them. I can’t wait to Zip around SoCal in X-plane! -Preston
  8. That is incorrect. It does include a very much improved Charleston AFB/INTL. However it is currently unusable for Military operation or Ai in its current form.
  9. Ooh, I am hoping for Virginia or Florida first........Of course, this is a years out fingers crossed statement. We'll be enjoying the exploration of the "New" West coast for some time to come! -Preston
  10. I had read somewhere that the ORBX ZL17 is in effect already looking like ZL16 due to the way the Compression/.Zip file process works, and I have to agree. The current ZL17 stuff, does not look like the ZL17 stuff pulled straight from Ortho4XP. It DOES however look like ZL16, but taking up the space of ZL17 once the installation is complete. Maybe ORBX needs to look at its delivery system in order to refine the process? I am actually a little bit dissapointed at the news of reduction in clarity for outlying areas. According to Ami, I thought we had a HIGHER resolution "HD Washington" inbound on short final. I would suggest maybe giving us an option checkbox in the TE installer to use "Lower Resolution Textures." I almost feel like an update that took away resolution would be stealing away the product that I purchased. Please John and company, do not take my statements here as regret in my purchase. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WASHINGTON TRUE EARTH! THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS! I have a 3 TB hard drive dedicated to XP, and all the incoming TE goodness from ORBX. Please keep up the good work. -Preston
  11. One feature that would be really cool is to make the deception pass bridge "Hard" so that we can land on it with our Helo's. You know in case someone needs to be airlifted to the hospital. ;-) -Preston
  12. As stated in their description, ORBX are not modifying the default X-Planes airports to align with the new Ortho Imagery that isa the basis of True Earth. This is why Swanson does not line up. As Luck would have it, Swanson IS an airport that will be released as a custom highly detailed airport available for your purchase in the future. -Preston
  13. The great thing is there is a beautiful Arlington scenery, that not only covers the airport but the entire City. I was really worried that it wasn't going to blend well with the new TE region, but I was very happily surprised! The airport has higher resolution as an airport scenery should, the imagery blends perfectly with the ORBX TE region, and there are no double coverage buildings, or any anomalies that I can tell. The only difference is the Arlington imagery is slightly lighter in register. In FSX or prepared, this would be fairly obvious as you would have a line that you could see straight down, in this particular incarnation, it just looks good. I can't wait to start purchasing my previously purchased North Sound ORBX airports classic's! P.S. I want to apologize to all the developers that worked on this project, as I had gone on a rant somewhere in these forums about not utilizing the great X-Plane feature of terrain-following runways. I am so happy to say that we do have accurate sloped, valley, and crested runway and taxiways! Yeah ORBX! -Preston
  14. I am hoping that ORBX creates an App for actual IPADS that we can download to use as the Skypark Interface. It seems like it should be easy to connect to the sim if you are using the same network/wifi. -Preston
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