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  1. Is it Okay to ask about a patch for a broken release yet? thought I better ask your permission. On the flip side I'm not buying any products as Orbx can no longer be relied upon to fix/patch releases in good time.
  2. Another month, can we expect a GB central patch this year? Thanks
  3. Can your not just check your code for obvious LOD issues? Those mentioned above but more in locations with custom buildings. For an example take off EGCB and fly toward the Etihad stadium. It does not appear until you literally fly over it. It may offer a clue to know that once it does appear it remains there even if you fly until it is out of sight and back again. If it is an MFS issue then please work with them to resolve it.
  4. Can we get a comment on this please? Is the EU GB central pack being fixed/patched and if so what is the timeframe? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm just checking in to see if there is any info on a timeline for a patch for this package as several of the custom object LOD's are broken, ie they only appear when right on top of them the first time flying toward them. Thanks
  6. Seems to me Nick was responding to a different issue. They have all the information, I was just asking if the bug had been acknowledged.
  7. Can we get an acknowledgement that these LOD issues have been noted and are being patched?
  8. We can also add Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Goodison Park stadium tot he list of objects with broken LOD's (pop in only when over them) There are probably more as I have found some in each location of GB central I have visited so far. If people don't fly over these objects they will never know they are there and so a large amount of assets will currently not be seen because of these faulty LOD's. This also means many will go unreported so the Devs should do a filtered search of all LOD's and hopefully apply what is an easy fix.
  9. Etihad stadium LOD is broken somehow. It only pops in when right on top of the first time I load a flight. Once it has popped in it seems okay as flying away and back again doesn't cause the same issue. However reloading the sim and flight for the first time repeats the issue.
  10. Hi, it is up to date and is working after making a new community folder so far. This is what happened. I installed Orbx pack and tried to fly from EGCB, sim stop responding 3 times I tried. I removed the Bjan tree mod and sim loaded I then reported here. today I made a new community folder and placed Orbx pack with Bjan folders and it loaded as normal? I am putting in my other 3rd party sceneries 1 by 1 and will let you know but so far I'm baffled but at least it is working for now.
  11. I tried 3 times and each time loading a flight the sim crashed halfway through load (stopped responding. I took out Bjan seasons pack and it loaded there seems to be a conflict between these two payware. I have also notified the Bjan.
  12. Hi. I just checked and it looks as though that was the issue, not configured for World update. Unfortunately I can't test for now as the sim is taking forever to load so gave up. Must be server issues on Xbox launch day.
  13. This has been an issue for some and the latest patch to MFS has made no difference. Are Orbx working on the London city pack so that it works with MFS London photogrammetry. Currently there is empty space and graphical artefacts on the photo scenery where photogrammetry buildings should be making the package useless
  14. Woah those screens look amazing. Worth waiting for and fantastic product support so thanks for putting up with my mithering.
  15. The bad "morphing" issue only started after WU3 and is a bug, we shouldn't have to pay to have bugs fixed and as far as I understand it this is the same res mesh as the base game so while the improvements are welcome I think this is down to Asobo to sort out, at least the morphing issue. When the 1m mesh is introduced that will be a product worthy of a purchase on its own merit.
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