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  1. It's a beauty, and, as it's an Aeroplane Heaven aircraft, there's a VH version on release.
  2. I agree, and I can't help wondering if people are also expecting miraculous results from computers that just can't perform up to the levels required.
  3. I thought it might have something to do with PC management, like cleaning cache, etc. I use CC Cleaner, and I figured it was connected to that.
  4. Recently, I posted about finding the Fokker Tri-motor "Southern Cross" impossible to fly. On takeoff, it would enter an almost vertical climb, stall and then crash. No amount of trimming, weight -and-balance, control adjustments could fix it, so basically I gave up on it. Yesterday, I was having a look at my installed aircraft in MSFS, and noticed that the Fokker folder size was 10GB, which I though was rather large for this aircraft. So, I uninstalled, and reinstalled it. ( I thought I had done this before, but might not have) The file size is MUCH smaller! Now, the aircraft flies perfectly, or as well as it could... I can only think that somehow MSFS installed it over itself. So, I just thought I'd post this, in case anyone has had a similar problem.
  5. My PC spec is very similar to yours, I have a 3090, but instead of an i9, I have an i7-11700K, and 64GB of 3200 DDR4, and MSFS runs superbly in Ultra. I strongly believe it is forces other than your PC at work here. As JoseCFII said, it could well be something in your Community Folder. Have you tried renaming it, and running MSFS in its vanilla state? I truly think this is an outstanding sim that is only getting better.
  6. Nick, Please don't take my comment as an overall criticism of the aircraft. As an Australian, I was really excited to see it, and bought it immediately. I'm just having trouble flying it. I initially thought there was something wrong with my controls, until I flew another aircraft with no problems. I did see the review on YouTube, but didn't last the wole way through, and, indeed, I know that AvAngel said it seemed unfinished. I'm going to have another fly of the aeroplane today, and, hopefully, will have more success.
  7. Has anyone had much success with the "Southern Cross" version of the Fokker Tri Motor? I certainly haven't, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I find it virtually uncontrollable, with massive pitch-up trim. It really seems unfinished to me.
  8. I seem to remember hearing this somewhere, (and I could well be wrong) that the Avro Anson's wing is very closely related to the Fokker Trimotor's (Avro 10) wing.
  9. An update to my above post. After trying everytrhing, and tearing out the little of my hair that remains, I decided to do a Windows Reset. This is not for the faint hearted, becuase it involves a fair bit of post-reset work. I chose the keep files option, so it rmoves all apps, (including flight simulators). After the reset, I nervously reinstalled MSFS, and....it installed flawlessly. I know have a flight simulator back. So, all I can say is, if you can't reinstall it, take a day, and do a Windows reset.
  10. And, whatever you do, don't uninstall it. I had to, and now can't reinstall. It hangs on file decompressions, loops and crashes. I now have a useless piece of software, and am at my wit's end. I've tried everything, and Microsoft Support has been no help whatsoever.
  11. John Heaton, just a small correction. Kingsford Smith's aircraft isn't a Fort Trimotor, it's a Fokker F.VIIb/3m trimotor monoplane. It was previously owned by the great Australian explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. And, referring to the registration of the Vimy, Ross and Keith Smith jokingly said it stood for God 'Elp All Of Us.
  12. I upgraded to Win 11, and am running MSFS. The upgrade process was totally trouble-free, it looks crisp and clean, and runs MSFS flawlessly.
  13. Anthony has a couple of terrific freeware airports, Evans Head and Palmer's Island. Excellent quality. And, the second the Winjeel and the Tiger arrive in MSFS, I'm pulling the trigger!
  14. John Heaton..I have Ballina, and I reckon it's a beauty! Also Aldinga. I don't know about you, but I feel I detect the presence of Anthony Lynch in AuScene, but I could be wrong.
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