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EDCG Rügen Güttin - Development shots

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Hi there,

 my second Orbx project is in the works, it is the small regional airport EDCG Rügen Güttin. EDCG is the only airport on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea.

The airfield is located on the territory of the municipality in the district of Dreschvitz Güttin, about 8 km south of the city of Bergen.

The use of the paved runway is limited to aircraft with a maximum weight of 5.7 tons.

















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Hello Thomas, a great project. Especially because there is (to my knowledge) no add-on for Rügen. I'm already looking forward.


Hallo Thomas, ein tollen Projekt. Vor allem weil es (meines Wissens) für Rügen noch gar kein AddOn gibt. Ich freue mich jetzt schon darauf

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Nice choice, Thomas, close to your own EDBH and also Herringsdorf. Will be some nice coastal flying there.

Looks great, the work you have done here. I am looking forward to it.

Thomas, this will be a payware offering?

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Looking good. Maybe Kirchheim am Teck could also be added to a future list as a suggestion. Remember going their as a child to watch the planes.


Keep up the nice work



Already asked for that one (=Hahnweide, EDST), but was told off. But, having one more person requesting it is good, also every other year the Hahnweide hosts one of the latest Oldtimer fly-ins in Europe, that should count for something ;-)

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Thomas, well done! As someone who only flies GA and some military planes ( Spit, Me 109, FW 190, Ta 152 ), these little airports are the source of much fun ( and challenge... ). I tried to find your other projects but couldn't. Can you/someone point me, please! I am willing tzo pay for good work so send me an email when you're ready to release Rügen and I'll send the money ;-).

Looking forward...



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