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  1. Hi Robert, Please deactivate the object shadow in your settings, then everything should be okay again.
  2. Hi Jury42, Great Set of Shots, i Love this Airplane
  3. Hello Martin, With me works the download via Central 3, while I got the manual download attempt an error 440 "side not found" got.
  4. Hi Rob, this is a amazing Video, thank you so much.
  5. Thank you, the scenery is beautiful but almost unspectacular the only difference from the screenshots for these pictures I do not use special graphical settings for a real look. the time was really wonderful and I find this old plane also fantastic. What this looks like UK is in the heart of Germany The Aerosoft Wilga is in addition to the Antonov AN2 by Sibwings one of them which I very gladly and very often in the FSX / P3d fly. thats thrue thank you
  6. Hi guys, last Sunday I was repeated on the small airfield in my home. Together with my daughter and her boyfriend I treated us to a flight with a Polish Wilga PZL 104 The weather was just too good and the view was outstanding All instruments in the green zone, a wonderful flight at 150 kmh / 80 ktn and 400m / 1312ft elevation Almost inconspicuous, the small airfield (EDBL) Laucha Dorndorf located on the plateau
  7. Hi guys, Yes, the flight with this aircraft was very exciting and interesting to equal. I fly the AN2 very often in the simulator, but real is real and I hope that was not the last flight of Anna
  8. Thanks, today I gave myself a flight in an old Polish Wilga PZL 104, maybe I submit in the coming days by the images.
  9. Hello friends, as every year is staging the airfield Laucha (EDBL) its flight days, this year I was tethered somewhat short by my job and actually visit was not even on my list. Upon reflection I'm times yesterday moved briefly to the airfield, next to some UL aircraft, there were times to admire a Bell Jet Ranger III this time instead of a Robinson R44. One of the 3-headed aerobatic team Vintage time were a Fieseler Storch and a B├╝cker Jungmann biplane and then stood there this notice More need not be said ....
  10. a Great Set of Shoots and a nice Story, thank you for sharing.
  11. Hello Brian, while it should not have to be an error, the Winter White Snowy relationship areas are outside the Hard Winter, who is also in February in our region in December, January and Regional Depending rather unevenly. The seasons have already been identified in the preparation of the airfield, the Does even without installing EDBJ Jena should these areas be covered with snow today's date. Both for EDBJ Jena and EDOU Weimar was determined in advance of the beginning of the spring for March.
  12. I wish you a very speedy recovery, health is more important as anything else.
  13. Great Set, thank you . BTW you can over the EDBJ control Panel deactivate the static Helikopter and you can land on the Helipad.
  14. very nice shots, especially an interesting aircraft, can you tell me the source where you can get it.
  15. HI John, this is not an error, the winter landscape is actually whiter than the surrounding countryside. I did this are already on the update list.
  16. thank you for the Pictures, he Messerschmitt is a nice airplane, I should also once again get out of the hangar
  17. Hi Karsten, Was it you, then, which is at low altitude with me about it? Thank you for your great report and stunning pictures.
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