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    5string-banjo,dobro and guitar playing and build my instruments myself

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  1. nice video,but you shut fix your mesh,these walls at the sides are not right..........
  2. very nice set...... yesterday i fly in that aerea,memory use in v4 was 6.5GB,nearly all at max........i use the Beta,work´s fine for me....v3 i have not use for weeks now
  3. Happy Birthday, Ron!!! Thank´s for all your Paints! cheers Ralf
  4. http://digitalthemepark.blogspot.de/ we do a lot in orbx North American, chanel Old Fokkers....... cheers Ralf
  5. I Wish All a Happy New Year! Cheers, Ralf
  6. Hi Micha, it work since my last post,so resolved Thank´s for your support! cheers Ralf
  7. one ask; Are you FSX or P3D?? If P3D - did you get Academic or Professional version & do you know if there is a difference?, or is it tied to the P3D license that one has??
  8. it is only academic,you can switch off
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