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  1. Thank you, No jetways would be unimaginable Is not it like a plane without wings.
  2. Happy birthday! and enjoy this beautiful day!
  3. I miss a lot of birthdays (Sorry) but when I see one with a little familiar avatar I don't hesitate. Happy Birthday Gumby.
  4. Thank you. "looks so clear..." = Nvidia Freestyle
  5. AccuSeason / Simple Traffic / Nvidia FreeStyle Game Filters / Google Map Replacement.
  6. Thank you! Yes it is avaiable with Nvidia Getforce Experience . "NVIDIA Freestyle" is a feature that which lets you apply post-processing filters to your games while you play. For example, enhance color and contrast to make a game look more photorealistic.
  7. I take this opportunity to wish you all an extraordinary new year. For information .Add-on used in this preview: ( AccuSeason / Simple Traffic / FreeStyle Game Filters )
  8. Thank you. There is no secret here and i haven't invented anything. I use my knowledge to harness the maximum visual potential MSFS can give me. Monitor setting: -4K -Fineness adjustment 10 ( Maximum) -Super Resolution setting 3 ( Maximum) -PC RVB HDMI (16-235) MSFS Setting: -Drone Camera (with a very large zoom or vice versa) -Ultra Setting -Render Scaling 150 /170 ( Because I do not use an Airplane and in this case no complex scenery. ) -Manual weather with millimeter light adjustments... (A minute more or less can make the difference) -Bloom Setting OFF -I play a lot with Aerosol density setting. -I play also with precipitation setting. I mix these two settings together too... Personal working time: -19 Shots = One afternoon of work with great pleasure. Everytime I try to transcribe emotions in each of my shots. This is the goal that I must achieve.To get there I select only the best and I throw in the trash the rest. Now my "shot" settings will no longer any secrets for you like the P3D,XP & MSFS settings do not have either for me.
  9. Thank you very much gentlemen for all your nice comments.
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