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  1. Thank you very much gentlemen for all your nice comments.
  2. A pretty woman alone in an airport is not hard to find....
  3. It's called pure creative fiction! of course it's from inside an airport from Orbx catalog.
  4. Good job Renault! I like the atmosphere of number 3 and the last one that requires an expert eye...
  5. Thank you very much. I am using a 4K monitor but with Rendering Scalling 70% .Thanks to this setting my GTX 1080 feels like a fish in water. For the shots I use a Gamepad and I play with the zoom +/- and the different points of view.
  6. Sorry to be a little late in the conversation. This is exactly what I use with a 4k resolution. -V-sync ON with Frame Rate Limit 30 fps -Render scaling 70% -Terrain of Level of Detail 150 -Terrain Vector Data ULTRA -Building ULTRA -Trees ULTRA -Grass and Bushes ULTRA -Offscreen Terrain Caching ( New Update ) on ULTRA.No more popping! -Objects Level Of Detail 150 -Cloud HIGHT (To be comfortable in any scenario) you can quickly lose 10 fps in Ultra. Everything else is high setting by default apart Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate on LOW. Smooth as silk regardless of the context with my old I7 4790K + GTX 1080 +24 MEMORY DDR3+SSD The optimization that ASOBO has done is beyond my imagination!
  7. Thanks. Some examples in the middle of the page. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/605869-Orbx-alaska-mesh-released/page/3/
  8. Thank you for the little story and the sharing. It's very well summarized. Since using MSFS I take fewer pictures but enjoy flying a lot more!. About screenshots i take a lot of inspiration from others as well.I haven't invented anything. All the best also.
  9. Very nice shot Simple and effective Exactly what I like ! There is so much enthusiasm around MSFS and so many new things to come that despite the tears and the laughter generates the updates, I am completely charmed. I allow myself to open a little parenthesis so I am surprised to see such a feat of technology. The launch of MSFS on Xbox is successful. If you are curious go see some Xbox series X/S MSFS videos using an OLED TV, it's just amazing! For exemple: This is only Xbox Series S ! ( 300 EUROS) The optimization that ASOBO has done is incredible.I am with I7 4790K & GTX 1080 in 4k (Render Scaling FSsetting 70%) monitor with all high settings.V-Sync "ON" 30FPS and it's smooth as silk.Whatever the context. Do all this in 1 year It's unthinkable... This is just beginning.It's going to hit very hard. I wish you a great adventure in this new modern world!
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