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  1. Great! One question (maybe i missed it), what about the nice little airfields you created in this area for p3d (like kors)? Will they be ported over and is there already a timeframe for that? Regards Chris
  2. Looking very good. But may i ask about the jetways? Are they still static jetways? I know FTX is not very keen on SODE, but could you please make it easy to "delete" the static jetways in your scenery? Then everybody is able to easily include the moving SODE jetways from GSX2 who owns that product and wishes to use it. Thank you very much. Kind regards Chris
  3. I also had a CTD on the LOC DME East approach for Rw26 yesterday (actually it was an unrecoverable freeze of P3D). It was right on the LOC/GS around 14nm out. Here some specs: P3D 3.4 (most recent update) Majestic Dash 8Q400 (terrain display visible) real date/weather (april (SP)) - Active Sky 2016 I did not have the time to try the approach again and won't be able to test new files etc until the next weekend. I still wanted you to know, so you get a better picture. Please tell me if you need more infromation. Thanks and kind regards, chris
  4. I tried it in P3D. WIth most features turned off I get around 20 fps (with the NGX), not good but ok. However at night, i lose another 5-6 frames depending on where i am looking. I hope it can be enhanced at some point even more.
  5. Thanks, I know about Simstarter, but i don'T know how the new structure will be implemented, so I hope this still works.
  6. Thanks for the update. But please keep an option to (easily) temporarily disable regions (maybe all regions if there is only one left now, but keep eg airports and LC). For example yesterday, we fly into KSFO from EGLL and both KSFO and NCA would just have cost too many frames, so I disabled NCA for that flight. And no, turning down LOD or details is no option for me. For me it's quite simple. VFR = FTX (regions) yeah, IFR = FTX no (besides Global, LC and the trees).
  7. Thanks for the pictures. Can you say something about performance (both fps and VAS)? This is always my first concern with new technology.
  8. Looks very nice. Will it include the distinctive sloped runway as can be seen in this video: I just wish the wonderful airports would be a little bit bigger with regular service for the wonderful Dash 8 Q400. This is Dash 8-100 land and unfortunately there is no good one for FSX/P3D...
  9. Looks good. How about some snow on the apron during winter time? It looks quite "clean" for the cold season. Have a look at the following photo of a "typical" winter day at ESSA: http://public.media.smithsonianmag.com/legacy_blog/Ramp.jpg Even after snow clearing, there is usually some snow left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgGBDapGNJA
  10. Well, I don't think he meant pitch but rate of descent. And this is indeed a very common an great method to stay on the glide slope. Too high, just lower the throttle slightly, too low, just add a little bit of power. Pitch on the other hand controls speed.Btw, the dash is certainly a power on aircraft on landing. I even saw a video of a Baltic crew adding a little bit of power just before landing to soften the often quite stiff landing of dash, something she is very famous for.
  11. Hi, i bought Australia comple SP3 years ago (on September 20th 2009 to be precise). I haven't flown there in recent times, but now that we have YSSY i wanted to start all over again. SInce i have switched to P3D i re-downloaded the newest Australia files (SP4) from FSS. But i noticed that there seems to be no Coffs Harbour included anymore. If i remember correctly, YCFS was provided as a bonus at the time for SP3 buyers and was automatically installed parallel to SP3. Are there any possibilities to get an individual copy of YCFS (P3D) for me or a download of SP4 with Coffs included again? Thanks in advance for your help. regards, chris
  12. Sehr schön! Wirst Du Rügen auch insgesamt ein bisschen aufpeppen? Zb Prora.... Dann würde das VFR-Fliegen in der Umgebung noch ein wenig mehr Pepp bekommen....
  13. Btw (i hope to be allowed to post this here, otherwise please delete but i think this makes a beautiful combination and is good for both). Somebody is developing a scenery for BIIS. You can find the pictures here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=427724 I already told him to have a look at FTX Iceland to make sure that his scenery blends in nicely.
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