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  1. Still not working... Come on please fix.
  2. Same issue for me, but only for the trees. Indeed it seems to be a conflict between shaders and I guess some material of the texture. I use Envshade for the shaders.
  3. To be honest, the question is not just to get some money back. The question is if you Orbx want to loose your customers, reputation and money! I read so many things about Orbx in the past and they were not good at all. It always gave me some serious head shaking. I really (still) love the quality of all your sceneries! But everything around the sceneries disappoints me more and more! I don't get it, why you just don't put PayPal back as payment option and solve all the issues with them at the backdoor. Nearly every online shop offers PayPal as payment option and they have no problems with it. I know that my comment here may annoys you, but I just wanted to write you from the heart of a customer that really got disappointed with the time. Please think about this!
  4. Very very nice! Which sky and cloud textures? The old ones you uploaded?
  5. I tried everything and it works great. Just the sky isn't looking as blue as yours, but I don't know why.
  6. Looking great! I see you are using a higher LOD radius, which one? Do you also use the HD Trees?
  7. Awesome work, Dave! Are your sky and cloud textures compatible with P3Dv3?
  8. What happened to Rügen Güttin and when will the big Orbx airports be supported by AES?
  9. Can you please corret the night lights into a more orange tone? Here an example from UTX in FS9:
  10. Which REX sky and cloud theme do you use?
  11. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!
  12. Between Gold Coast and Ballina
  13. Cracking shots!!! :blink: Please tell us your REX Sky/Cloud settings and which ENB Mod you use!
  14. I have the same problem. Used addons: -FTX EU England -UK2000 EGCC -UTX Europe -GEX Europe -FS Global 2010 Craters and missing autogen on approach to runway 5L/R.
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