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Caught me off guard


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On 11/22/2023 at 5:07 PM, boetie said:

Having a bathroom renovation done at the moment. The plumber who is a funny, (albeit annoying) chatty character saw my simpit and came out with a memorable Dad joke. "So you're into flying planes, I don't know any aviation jokes, I'll have to wing it"...... He's buried next to Sophie the Guinea pig now :)

That's a truly unforgettable dad joke! I must say, your wit is as sharp as your plumbing skills. As for flying planes, I guess we're both experts in our own domains – you with pipes, and me navigating the skies. If you ever need a co-pilot for a plumbing mission, just give me a call. We can 'wing it' together! By the way, Sophie the Guinea pig would have probably enjoyed our banter from her cozy spot next door. Here's to laughter and unexpected connections during bathroom renovations!

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