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Talking heads


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Besides the obvious, what was next deciding factor you looked at before choosing your life long partner?


For me was looking to see what her mama looked like, pretty good indicator as to what she will look like in twenty years. :D

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5 hours ago, boetie said:

A heart of gold and a down to earth attitude. 25yrs married this year. Count my blessings every day:) Thanks Adam, lucky boys are we!


Graeme :)


We've been married 54yrs this year so I guess I used my head. :D


4 hours ago, John Heaton said:

The size of the apple;)

Thank works too John. :D


1 hour ago, BradB said:

Which one .........:blink::(:D

It's as plain as day looking at some people as to who they listened to. :D


41 minutes ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

Stability. She had--and has--no issues. A good, funny, smart, strong, loving wife and a great human being.

Good for you Rodger, your a lucky man. :)

Looking at some of these people today it's hard to tell who is who or what is what. :unsure:

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