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KTIW missing trees

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I have tried the following:


1. Disable all community add-ons except paid content (Marketplace: 3U2, Washington Landmarks, Orbx: 1S2 KORS KTIW LOWI LOWZ CYLW)

2. Tried every graphics pre-set from Low to Ultra

3. Toggled Bing Data off/on


The issue remains.


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Hello Jon,

this is the default airport, apart from the trees, the bridges are solid underneath.




This is the Orbx version, no blocks under the bridges but trees across the hillside before the runway, just as in my previously posted image.




Here is the default airport, tree tops in view across the end of the runway.




Here is the Orbx version, tree tops in view across the end of the runway.



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@Nick Cooper

This is  baffling as i do not see those trees  with the Orbx version. What is the version number you have? I am unsure if it is the test version or the released version.

My version is v1.0.2. I will uninstall and reinstall to see if I get what you are seeing. Same version number with the new reinstall.

I see just like the customer does. I verified Files and the my MSFS Graphics settings things like Trees and levels of detail etc are as in the pic below.

V1.0.2 reinstalled and no trees on the horizon.



MSFS settings:


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Good morning Jon,

I have made a clean installation just now and yet:




The answer here appears to be in the TREES setting.

That one was HIGH.

Here is LOW












I have tested this with no other addons, the entire Orbx and developers' catalogues

and with a selection of New Zealand freeware addons, in each case, the result is the same.



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This gets more mysterious by the hour.

Here is my Properties of KTIW and I have also v1.0.2 and tried with all Graphics settings at Ultra, no Rolling cache and Data on.

We have a problem in as much as you have trees and I and a customer don't.

Any ideas?


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11 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello Wolfgang,

can you say if you see the trees in MSFS or not please?



Hi Nick, I am sorry, if I created the impressen that I have Orbx KITW installed, which I have not.

One reason for the lack of trees compared to MSFS default might be, that the developer created an exclude flie for trees, because there are definitely too many trees around the airport in the default scenery compared to the real world.

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