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  1. FPS in itself is not important but it is the only tool that can display what effects are happening that may assist in enhancing a quality display to include both visual display and smoothness. It will indicate where your current settings can be possibly improved by lowering a setting, or indeed increasing one to get the maximum result. A setting at EGFF for example where it is fairly low key as far as detailed surroundings are concerned, would bring my PC to its knees at KLAX. I found SU10 gave me a few more FPS and fluidity with TAA and my normal Custom settings out of the box. DLSS on Quality with the same Custom settings at the same airport and time and conditions and plane added even more FPS and fluidity. These were both on DX11 DX12 with the same settings was different, both with the Studio and game ready drivers. Lower FPS Really does depend so much on your PC specs and settings, hence the different results from everyone. DX12 definitely requires you lower your MSFS settings to achieve the DX11 frame rates and fluidity so personally I do not see a benefit, but it is early days of tinkering
  2. Just to clarify Jack, it is Himalaya mesh not Asia mesh as in your post title, hence no Japan coverage.
  3. Have you tries deleting scenery index etc as outlined here?
  4. Many thanks to those that responded to my post. All good info and I am enjoying very smooth flying at 3840x2160 4K with DLSS at Quality and all settings at Ultra. Before I tried DLSS I left all my settings as before the update and noticed there was an improvement in smoothness and FPS with SU10 in comparison to SU9
  5. I am unsure about the use of DLSS when SU10 is released and would like some input from those who have used it in the SU10 beta. I have a 4K monitor and i the MSFS Resolution setting I am at 3840x2160 I understand that the Render Scale setting becomes blanked out if you choose a DLSS setting. What I am asking is that in order to use DLSS do I keep my MSFS Resolution option at 3840x2160 or do I need to change it down to say 2560x1600 or leave as is. If I leave as is, then what if anything will DLSS do for me?
  6. Again thanks for the responses, especially Pete's usual highly detailed ones. Budget is my limitation. After consulting with my PC specialist I have purchased a 3070 Triple fan I asked about the limited (compared to 1080 ti vram) vram of 8GB and was immediately asked 2 questions. 1. Do I use multi monitor? No 2 Do I use VR. No It was then suggested that the 3070 would be fine with 8Gb vram. I asked about the 3060 with 12GB vram and was advised that it would only really equate to an newer version of the current 1080Ti and that the 3070 would be a higher spec performance wise and have RT and DLSS facility. Hence my decision. Many thanks for your contributions and suggestion. I may well let you know what i think of the new GPU after I receive and install it.
  7. @BradB Thanks for that info. Due to a limited budget in these hard times that may well be the way i go.
  8. Thanks for making my choosing even more difficult !!
  9. @craigeaglefire I was just looking at 2080Ti and then you appear to have had one and was disappointed. Correct? 2080Ti does well in reviews so I would be interested to know your experience with it and why you changed it out. Or are you just rich
  10. @renault @craigeaglefire Gents. Thank you so much for your input. Highly useful info. The only possible affordable GPU with over 8GB VRSAM is a 3060 but it seems to have bad reviews. Any comment on that aspect?
  11. No Brad that is useful info. Do you use DLSS or is it not enabled in beta? Thanks
  12. I am currently running a 1080Ti it doesn't have the DLSS or Raytrace facility. Due to tight budgeting I am looking to replace it in order to maximise the SU10 features of DLSS in particular. I would like to get some feedback please from current SU10 beta users who run RTX 3070 GPUs. Are they good performers in 3840 x2160 (4K) ? I have a very limited budget and will probably go for a used one as I did for the current 1080Ti. I can go lower than a 3070 but not higher.
  13. Thanks for the comments. Yes it was included in the World Update for UK. I particularly like the detailed rock which is very impressive. No addons were used except to conform to Screenshot rules, like the Aerosoft DH 6
  14. Got to be one of the most picturesque places in UK. Here are various shots of the Out Skerries. Note the salmon farms: Nice rocks Dawn
  15. The radio active glow is the sim and not any TE content, but trees in TE addons remain as they were. My understanding is that if trees were default trees in XP11 addons, then they would be replaced by the new 3D ones, but TE addons use Terra Flora tress ad so they remain as in XP11. This maybe something that is being looked at but I have no knowledge to date on this.
  16. This should help In the link it is mentioned that the new water effects are currently being worked on by Orbx to allow the new effects to work on Orbx scenery. Trees are also different and may need rework. None of this info is "insider" knowledge just based on what I have read or watched regarding XP12. @COFlyer Do you still have XP11 installed with a Custom Scenery folder in tact? If so then just symbolic link that existing Custom Scenery folder to your new XP 12 directory and delete the Custom Scenery folder that XP 12 created. This way you don't have to reinstall anything, and it will allow you to see for yourself what works OK. When you are satisfied with what you think works and what doesn't then you can decide whether to do a new installation of your addons directly into XP12 Please note that Laminar did express that any new version of XP must be at least one back version compatible to allow addons to be compatible. There will be exceptions where a completely new component is introduced like the new water.
  17. The download is only about 28KB if I recall correctly.
  18. Wayne When in MSFS go to Marketplace, freeware. There is a free City Update. It is just a few KB downloads
  19. Cologne Cathedral from the freeware City Update in MSFS Marketplace
  20. This needs to go into the x-plane forum not here at the Community Screenshots. I have looked at your scenery_packs and it is all incorrectly layered, but I will assist when you post this to the correct form please. Thanks
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