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  1. Difficult to find what is causing the issue for you as I too cannot replicate what you are seeing. The pic below is what I see having renamed my Community folder to Community.x and a new community created with only Orbx LOWI in there. I have no elevation issues apparent.
  2. Just to add that this issue is ongoing and Asobo related. Reported since the UK World Update, Nordic World update and now the latest update 6. It does improve if you delete the Procedural Buildings in each of the Updates; https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/egac-and-belfast-issues-from-su5-still-not-solved/452807 To delete that file you open up the Content manager, click on one of the World Updates and click on Unselect. This allows you to choose which or all elements of that Update to unselect. Choose Procedural Buildings
  3. Those blobby bushes look like the ones you can get with photogrammetry enabled
  4. Sorry about your issues, but to answer your initial question, use Orbx Central to uninstall your Orbx addons
  5. Sorry about your issues. Initially I would say that the pic is typical of your PC, GPU/CPU combo unable to keep up with the required loading speed of the textures. Please try a flight in the default Cessna 172 and see if the loading is better. The pseed of the airliner may well be having an adverse effect on loading time. Report back please and attach your sceneryPacks.ini
  6. The Devs are looking at this but patience is requested in order to track down the possible cause(s) for fps degradation for some users.
  7. I assure you I will let you know as soon as I get a response from the Devs.
  8. I will need to defer to the Devs for answer to your question.
  9. I will refer this to the Devs but please understand that it is difficult to ascertain the issue when it cannot be replicated to the same degree as you are describing. There is a lowering of FPS I agree, but not to the extent you are referring to in my own tests and experience. Hopefully the Devs may see the area of concern. @Ed Correia@vittoriogrecofor review please.
  10. Do you get an improvement if you switch off the Display Shadows option. I don't have that enabled in my settings?
  11. @IMatAMSI have just tested again and i am afraid i cannot replicate your findings with my settings and PC specs, both of which are posted her. Your pic seems to show a high lateral field of view so I set my setting to 101.34. and got 60fps looking from the same view almost as your pic. I then reverted back to my setting of Lateral field of view 60 and get 28/29fps. I cannot get 16fps anywhere in outside view panning the whole radius of the airport. You have not mentioned what plane you are using nor what your XP settings are so i cannot compare. "work to do still" is difficult to define when settings, planes and PC specs are different for all.
  12. I assume you have followed all the guides in the User manual? Mac and Linux manual install - English.pdf
  13. I am going to need to ask others about this as I have no knowledge in this regard and very little knowledge in regards to the workings of Mac I would additionally suggest that you also seek clarification from the Devs at DD to explain in layman's language what is required and post the pics you sent to me to them to show the problem. I don't know if @Ed Correia or @Nick Coopercan offer any additional advice?
  14. It appears you have double or additional markings etc in your pics as though there is another version underlay. All your lines are duplicated but offset in comparison to my shots in the below pics. Take your first pic above and compare to my pic below and you see you have both faded lines plus fresher looking lines side by side. Your last pic shows a lot of duplicates yellow lines and duplicates "48" compared to my shot at the same location. I have placed UUEE on the top of your scenery_packs to see if that makes any difference for you. If not I suggest 2 options: 1, Rename your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.x and make a new Custom Scenery folder. Drag and drop UUEE and Global Airports into the new folder. Make sure UUEE is above Global Airports in the scenery_packs. Try a flight at UUEE and see if the duplicated markings still appear. If they do, uninstall and reboot PC. Reinstall and test again. scenery_packs.ini My pic vs your 1st pic, same location: My pic vs your last (3rd) pic:
  15. I am struggling to find a solution as I cannot replicate the issue and have had no one else ever report the same thing. I will keep thinki
  16. @vittoriogreco for comment please. cc @Matteo Veneziani
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