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  1. Let's hope it get fixed soon as the meshes are great addons.
  2. With the Orbx meshes enabled the problem regarding elevation issues persists. As @Nick Cooperhas said, the issue has been reported to Asobo and the Mesh dev. We can also include Iceland mesh a being affected.
  3. I believe that the latest update resolved the mesh issues. My suggestion about moving addons to the top of the xml was only for LOWI and Sydney Cityscapes. If you think about it, placing a mesh addon as number one priority as far as layering is concerned will mean that other addons would be lying under mesh and cause visual anomalies related to elevations etc.
  4. @John Heaton John, there is no danger whatsoever in adjusting the Content.xml. If you have concerns just save a copy of your current one onto the desktop, make the changes you want in the sim Content.xml. If for some reason it doesn't work out then just replace it with your saved copy.
  5. @carlosqr No need to worry about placing addon above "official". If it was wrong, then the sim would tell you and also the sim allows you to completely delete the Content.xml with no harm, and it rebuilds itself.
  6. Sticking with LOWI for a moment: @carlosqr this is what I see at LOWI after removing the freeware Austria mesh and placing Orbx LOWI top of the Content.xml. What addons are you also running when you see the elevation anomalies at LOWI It is not helpful I know for someone to post pics without the anomalies showing if you still see them, but this is to let you know that as far as LOWI is concerned, it is not everyone showing elevation issues.
  7. After doing some research/testing I confirm what other are reporting regarding NZ mesh. No NZ mesh and all is fine. @carlosqr were you also using the freeware Austria mesh when at LOWI I did a flight with the Austria mesh active and found that I had some anomalies including the big bump on the runway despite not having the Asobo LOWI installed. I deactivated the Austria mesh and in the Content xml I placed the Orbx LOWI at the top. Now no anomalies. Seems that there are circumstances where customising the Content xml can have benefits. I did the same previously for Orbx Sydney Cityscape and now have no double Sydney Harbour bridge
  8. This is how the Hungarian fire fighting team dealt with fires. The vid also gives a much greater impression of the effects of the smoke causing daytime to be like a dark night and also the sheer noise caused by the well head pressure. Many fires sounded like Concorde was taking off in your back yard
  9. Timeline: August 1990 I returned to Baghdad where I was working and was detained as a hostage for 4.5months December 11th ( I think) released as a hostage and flew back to UK. January 16th 1991 Desert Storm operation commences February 28th 1991 Cease fire declared. 2nd March flew to Saudi to organise purchase of 2nd hand ARAMCO ( the Saudi Oil Company) pickup trucks and essential provisions to take to Kuwait for the few company workers who had arrived in Kuwait City around 3rd march. Left Saudi Arabia leading a convoy of 5-6 pickups and drove to the Kuwait border where the vison of apocalypse became evident. Daytime but all the thick arid smoke from 700+ oil well fires turned day to night. After arrival, got to work in the firefighter support section where we assisted in supporting the eventual 27 firefighting teams. Unforgettable experience but paying for it health wise in my senior years. I just thought some maybe interested also in the linked video made by the company I worked for and available on Youtube here:
  10. I respectfully suggest that if your "issue" is with an installed addon or problems trying to install then you raise a support ticket. If you question is a "general" one for example "will this airport addon work with this Orbx scenery", or similar then you can ask that type of question in this General Discussion forum where all our members can get involved. I would regard that as a pre-purchase enquiry rather than a technical Support issue.
  11. There have been occasions where disabling the Asobo LOWI has been effective in removing a runway bump that some people were experiencing when using the Orbx LOWI addon.
  12. Please use Orbx Central to uninstall TEGB South. Now go and Clear Temp folder and remove Backup as advised in the instructions from the email you get and quoted in your first post. Then open Orbx Central/settings/downloader and check that the disk drive setting under "Concurrency" is correct for your set up and then change the "Conversions" setting to Moderate or Low. The attached pics how you what is required: Restart your PC (don't choose Shutdown, but choose Restart) Now try installing TEGB South again via Orbx central. This process can take up to an hour depending on your PC specs so please let it run its course. Report back when installed.
  13. Have you run the Verify Files option for TE SoCal? If not please do so. Is your World objects set to max in XP11? If not please set to Max. @Sentry11 are you suggesting an installation error of TE SoCal?
  14. To my knowledge there are no plans but we can check with @Ed Correia about any planned updates to TE addons.
  15. No Problem You have not answered my 2 questions so please do so. I have opened one of the logs you attached so far and there are references to missing 3rd party libraries like 3D people etc. Anyway, please answer my 2 questions and then I can decide what we need to do. Thanks
  16. I also suggest that prior ot the update you rename your Community folder to Community.x so that it preserves all your existing addons negating the need to reinstall all the addons you have.
  17. A couple of points I wish to raise with you. X-Organiser will change the scenery_packs.ini every time you use it to enable or disable a scenery fie. That is why the scenery_packs are never layered the same when you look at them after a flight. That is down to X-Organiser and nothing to do with the Orbx Central/"Enable Automatic Layering". The automatic layering is done when you first install the addon and in this case it was TE SoCal. I don't think Orbx sells the DD Washington XP addon, but you can correct me if I am wrong. The installation of that addon was not done by Orbx Central but by the installer that came with DD Washington XP. I have no knowledge of where these 2 files are supposed to be layered in the scenery_packs so I have placed them just after the True Earth addons DD Washington XP Layer1 DD Washington XP Layer2 The DD Washington mesh file is placed correctly. The attached rearranged scenery_packs will only be useable once if you use X-Organiser. When you use XO and finish a flight where you have disabled some addons, does XO enable the disabled addons again? I know nothing about XO as I explained but when a customer sends me a pic of a problem or submits a scenery_packs for me to look at I can immediately see if they use an organiser, as was observed by me in your scenery_packs. If your addons are correctly layered in the scenery_packs then I personally feel that no more "organising" is required. Many people find XO a really useful tool to have Here is your rearranged scenery_packs file. I leave the decision about the need for any organiser up to you. scenery_packs.ini
  18. I will ask@Ed Correia to comment as the function of the Configurator in Orbx Central is not something I can assist with. Ed should be able to suggest something
  19. I will rearrange the scenery_packs for you shortly. It will take me a while.
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