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  1. What holidays, we are permanently on holiday according to our kids. Plus our Granny Smith apple tree has got a disease or something so no more apple pie or crumble as it will probably have to come down. Plus we have some decking in our garden with a bit of decorative Grey stones and our little grandson who’s four fell over on it as he runs every where like a four year old does. So that has to go and we started this morning to remove it but after an hour or so we were knackered. So stopped that, probably carry on tomorrow as it will have to go, and it’s only five months till Christmas. Bah humbug . Derek.
  2. Hi John do you have your sim on a Ssd or an ordinary hard drive. Mine is on an ordinary hard drive and before the update it took about 10 mins, but now after the update it now takes 15 minutes. Would I benefit in using simstarter. Derek.
  3. Darn, so many airports to buy now and just when our 55” tv has packed up, great pictures but no sound. Life is some times a bummer. Derek.
  4. Not sure if I’ve already requested this but so this is my request seeing as it’s my local Aerodrome. Lee on the Solent as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. But sadly soon to be closed as an airport forever if it hasn’t already. The gliding club has gone as is the small flying club. Derek.
  5. Hi John. Yes it is nice here or was but after hearing about all the houses they want to build here, this is around a Fareham and Gosport. Mean we get gridlocked here most days, when the schools are in and they want more. Can never understand the local councils. So after being in our bungalow for just 8 years the wife wants to move again. Her thinking is if we move now we can give our kids at least a small deposit for a house is the main reason. So we have been looking west again as the wife is from Devon. So watch out we may be coming your way John.
  6. Isn’t it about time you oldies went to bed. Ah sorry it’s time i went to bed, you lot have just got up. .
  7. Those were the days you could walk for miles and the countryside was quite close years ago. We used to play cowboys and Indians and army games and go scrumpping, that’s Nicking apples or what ever of people’s trees for our American friends, and then running away with your loot. God those were happy times. All changed in this day and age now. You see these films about desolate countries and now this business about the amount of plastic in the world and you think what is the world going to come to say in ten or twenty years time. Derek.
  8. But watch out he will be keeping us in check. There will be a roll call every morning and we will have to stand to attention and only speak when spoken too. But what the hell we love the old geezer. Derek.
  9. Na with Nick definitely mind control. Derek.
  10. As we can not have a beer, how about having an online gathering. Not sure how many we can have on in one go. I’ve never done it before so could be a hoot. All we need to do is pick a place and a time. Perhaps we could start our own Airshow and all have the same colour Aircraft say yellow. No no what am I thinking. Sorry Jack. Derek.
  11. Yes thank you very much John. Probably only done it to keep us quiet. Derek.
  12. That’s great as long as we don’t have to change their nappy’s or diepers or what ever their called. Derek.
  13. Know what I like, it’s the Orbx senior discount. Yea. Derek.
  14. Yep just turned 75 and I must admit I don’t feel old until as some one said you open a cupboard door and think what the hell did I come here for. At the moment I’m trying to widen my driveway a bit, just a few feet as the women are moaning about some times having to walk on the grass. Doing things like that is when you feel old. Derek.
  15. Hi. Bit late for this post but any chance I could ask for my local airport which is Lee on Solent. Though no longer a forces airport, there is still a small flying club there and a search and rescue base. It is a real old airbase as was used in the First World War as a seaplane Base with a ramp going down to the sea which is still there. My main gripe with the renditions over the years has been the state of the small hangers which are scattered over the base and now look like blown up blue hangers when in fact they look like very large Nissan huts coloured like a light brown. Thank you. Derek.
  16. Nice to hear Alex, that would be fantastic. Well the only thing I can think of, yes there are some Airports, well a load that have been updated a bit, but no actual full fat regions as yet. Of course it will happen one day. Derek.
  17. Of course they will if your young enough, but probably not in my lifetime. Now there's a cheerful thought. He he. Derek.
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