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  1. Excellent shots Bernd!!!!!!!!
  2. Good looking Goose and great looking scenery.
  3. I have flown into that airport, it a very nice looking airport with that mountain setting next to it.
  4. Nice video and super shots!!!!!!!! Looks like a great place to fly around.
  5. Enjoyed looking at your shots Andreas!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Super shots of Brisbane, looks like a very nice city.
  7. Great lighting and clouds!!!!!!!!
  8. A very stormy day, super shots!!!!!!!!!
  9. Excellent shots, good looking clouds.
  10. Amazing shots, looks like the real thing.
  11. Enjoyed the shots and the tour Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Excellent shots Martyn looks a lot like the Texas Panhandle.
  13. Thanks for the Tour Gerald, really enjoyed your shots and comments.
  14. Great looking Colors, super shots!!!!!!!!!
  15. Very nice shot martyn, your XP11 looks great.
  16. Super shots of the airport, this interior shots look great.
  17. Stunning shots Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Wow FS9!!!!!!!!! Great shot, I still have FS9 but not installed.
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