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  1. I agree Iain. Always pleased to see a sim evolve, but seems to me that this is about the X box gamers. That's fine. don't begrudge them their enjoyment. I'd like to see them get a simple VFR or IFR flight right. But of course cash is King.
  2. Agreed - I visit very occasionally hoping the forum may have revived its oroginal value. So sad that this sharing of expertise has been lost.
  3. Why are you copying the community folder? If you are updating it's a lot easier to rename the community folder to CommunityOFF or similar, do the update then change the name back to Community. Alternatively use an addon linker (they are very straightforward to use) and keep all your addons outside of the MSFS structure. Pleanty of tutorials online.
  4. This change is in my very humble view detrimental. The expertise amongst the collective simming community is vast, and you only have to glance back though the foums to see how many times Orbx staff and simmers together have solved problems. It often that problems arise because of our many different set-ups, and there is often someone out there with a similar rig who has trouble shooted and saved us all many frustrating hours. I do hope Orbx can reconsider - maybe take a wider poll from the community on the best way forward.
  5. Is this a common direction to Orbx by developers?
  6. Perhaps there is a reason why it is €42.44 (incl UK tax) through Orbx and €29.99 (incl UK tax) on the developers website?
  7. It's like Father Christmas - no one would dream of suggesting he isn't real...
  8. I remember my father driving around this the wrong way towing a caravan. Cried with laughter, better than Disneyworld!
  9. Well my American friends, if you ever visit England, I will buy you a drink, when you will discover to your delight that an English pint of beer is 568ml in volume, whereas the US pint is 473ml. This is because you foolishly declined to update the definition of the gallon in 1824, preferring to stick with the 1707 'wine gallon'. Cheers!
  10. Since MSFS launched I've only bought one payware product; a helicopter. Why? Because landclass is old tech for most of the globe now, and freeware developers seem able to produce amazing airports and regional poi's mesh and aircraft mods. It has shot Orbx's fox, as we say in the UK, unless there is some unique specialism left to offer, which seems unlikely. I agree with others above; the incomplete SDK has leveled down the possibilities so that anyone can bring new content, and Orbx has nothing more to add at this stage. There appears to be a mismatch between ASOBO's promise to open up the SDK to developers; and the lived reality of, for example update 5, given the way even their close affiliates get caught by surprise. I'm not saying Orbx is not as good; it can't move forward as it wants because of these restraints in the SDK. It has become, by default as good as the best freeware, and therein lies the dilemma.
  11. You should check out the CJ4 with freeware working title mod... so good that MSFS have taken them on board. Others will follow without doubt. You can with latest Navigraph data, and with extraordinary night lighting effects. Coming in 2022, I understand. I keep P3D on my PC only because I enjoy flying helicopters, when they come to MSFS it's going. I do, but mostly I like flying, and the default MSFS flight model as it reacts to terrain effects and weather is extraordinary. Flying the exact circuits and navexs I used to as a student pilot is as real as it gets for me. As you say it's not all there yet, but the promise in the SDK is there, and I'm sure Aus scenery will develop in time. I'll leave it at that, and as I said this is a personal view, it's up to you of course.
  12. Having spent a great deal on Orbx products in the past, I have not bought any pay ware since the announcement of MSFS. I have spent hours exploring the Earth VFR in MSFS, and still so much to discover. For example, Flight yesterday over Bristol was just extraordinary. It's enough for me. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone still uses older platforms. Just saying, and respect all other views.
  13. But thankfully EGHD is still there and open albeit a bit lacking in detail - which will be great news for all of the pilot simmers in SW England who flew from there, and regret it closing!
  14. What happens if you park in an empty stand the call up GSX?
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