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  1. Try reinstalling Cityscape Sydney and updating YSSY as there is an update (v1.7.0) in Orbx Central. Don’t forget to delete the Rolling Cache File: Click on Options Click on General Options Click on Data Scroll down Click on the Delete button next to Delete Rolling Cache File.
  2. The update for Cityscape Sydney is now available in Orbx Central: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/213175-cityscape-sydney-120-world-update-vii-compatibility-msfs/
  3. There was another World Update VII: Australia update after I installed WU8, I hope that means it hasn't put Orbx behind again with Landmarks Adelaide, Landmarks Brisbane, and Cityscape Sydney.
  4. Compatibility news regarding World Update VII - Australia
  5. An update to YSSY has been released. Launch Orbx Central to download it.
  6. All the support forums are currently read-only. When I checked yesterday they were read-only and again today they are still read-only. I can't find any information about it in the forums when I search for either read-only or read only. Is there a reason why the support forums are currently read-only?
  7. Only 4 airports were hand-crafted with WU7 Australia and these were: Release Notes ( World Update VII: Australia So no need to uninstall YSSY.
  8. So uninstall Cityscape Sydney v1.1.1 if you install World Update VII: Australia until Cityscape Sydney is updated then reinstall it?
  9. Will an update be released soon to fix the CTDs? Can you please let us know when the update is released in this thread?
  10. The same user further reported that I’m using the button at the top of my joystick (hat switch?) to try to look left or look right - that’s freezing the sim requiring a restart. I've got a Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control with a hat switch and I couldn't reproduce this. I've got a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 using FaceTrackNoIR V200 and I tried disabling it inside of MSFS by disabling TrackIR and then using my hat switch but I still couldn't reproduce this.
  11. Had a user report that "Trying to switch views still freezes the program.".
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