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  1. MSI has most polished BIOS of all vendors. Pick one with ddr4 pair it with 2x16GB Samsung B die 3600MHz 16-16-16-36 @1.35V and tune it to like 14-14-14-28 @1.45V
  2. 3090 has 24 chips (12 per PCB side) with effective clock 19,5Gbps which translates to bandwidth of 936.2 GB/s 3090ti has 12 chips@2GB with effective clock 21Gbps which translates to bandwidth of 1008GB/s
  3. DX12 won’t give You any more fps. DX12 gives developers ability to easily implement new visual effects. What would give us more fps is rewriting whole game to use more than 4 cores at 100%. It boggles my mind that in 2020 and beyond software developers so rarely write programs that can utilize 10+ cores/20+ threads, except for benchmarking software.
  4. Gaming only not worth price difference, for mining maybe Yes. 3080ti can be OC’ed to match 3090 performance.
  5. For pure gaming performance I would go with: i9-12900k 32GB 3600MHz CL16 or even CL14 DDR4 Samsung B die kit (16-16-16-36 will be least troublesome to run at XMP profile). RTX3080ti MSI motherboard, for now they have least buggy BIOSes.
  6. Helsinki are already here by @matteusz Tallin will be made by @DrzewieckiDesign
  7. This Q should be asked here: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=507
  8. Would like to see https://scenicroutes.dev in Orbx Central sooner than later.
  9. Taskbar is movable it’s just option for that is quite burried in somewhere. To be able to install Win11 You have to have Z390 or newer platform, TPM module installed or enabled in BIOS, same goes for Secure Boot just enable it in BIOS.
  10. For those of us, that use Pilot2ATC I made a correction files that fix this airport in this program. You can find more airport improvements here: https://flightsim.to/discover/pilot2aTC @Marcus Nyberg could You tell us, what's next? Pilot2ATC ESSB Taxiways and Gates V1.rar
  11. @Marcus Nyberg I like this airport very much, it’s full of small details that makes You feel there. ps. Next time You need satellite imagery for ground textures, just e-mail NSA, they have best photos.
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