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Found 8 results

  1. G'day everyone, Happy to announce the official trailer for ESSB Stockholm-Bromma Airport! Is everyone getting ready to visit Stockholm?
  2. G'day everyone, As we are wrapping up this project I thought I would take the opportunity to post a final set of shots (not to be confused with Iain's famous final shots though, still a little bit to go!) and say thank you to all of you for all the support and patience with this project, it's so much fun developing seeing the excitement it brings. So thanks for that, your support doesn't go unnoticed. Also thanks to Ed, Ben, Tony, Holger, Matteo, Oskar, Philip, Anna, Elli, Johan, Stefan, Jarrad, Finni, Greg, Karl, Steve and the list goes on, for all the work contributing with assets, working with the back-end stuff, modeling, texturing and of course all the testers that makes my life harder but your experience way better As you see, it's far from a one man's show! And last a big thanks to Pontus & Joakim at Bromma Airport for taking time showing around & gaining airside access, thank you so much. So, with that said, here we go, hope you enjoy.
  3. Took the pre 1939 version of the newly released JU-52 for a spin from Bromma. I was surprised how sprightly it was & the civilized sounds from the engines. I anticipated sluggish performance & raspy engines because of its era. TTM (MSFS) Off from Rwy 12 & cutting across some buildings Under the bridge at night Further on from the bridge Back at Bromma, lining up for Rwy 30 Cockpit view of approach. The flash of light on the middle engine prop. disc, is, I think, one of the landing lights reflecting back. I haven't found the switches to turn off the landing lights yet.
  4. I have been practicing ILS landings recently & thought I would have a shot on 109.70, into Bromma Rwy 30, out of Arlanda. As you can see, I made it. (Or would have if I hadn't inadvertently shut off the throttle over the threshold) The Bromma Rwy 30 approach is a stunner but I would not wish to work in any of the buildings across the road from the runway theshhold, in particular, Flinks. Going by the number of review videos already up on YouTube, I would say a pre-release version went out to quite a few flyers. I recommend this one, by MiuMiu, as it shows the incredible amount of time & effort that Marcus & his team put into storefront signage, & other detail. Overall, if you can only afford 1 Swedish payware airport, I strongly recommend you choose Bromma. It is a gem. TTM (MSFS) Drone camera view looking back from approach into Rwy 30. Bromma is a sliver in the middle of the shot. Another Drone capture showing Stockholm & water co-existing. Lined up, still on APPR on the AP. The cranes to the right are good markers. Still on AP, still airborne & frightening the -- out of Flinks. Above shot from a side perspective. As you can see, plenty of ground clearance. The artistic perspective. About here I killed AP, & the throttle, (accidentally) Cleverly edited shot that hides the fact that the speed had dropped to 40 kia & I was about to drop into the landing light forest. But note the undulations in the runway!
  5. Starting to explore the airfield with the drone camera. TTM (MSFS) Closer look at the light rail/bus? Note the tattoo on the LIR's left shoulder. Closer examination reduced shot focus, but I think it is a snake. She must have had that done recently. It wasn't there the last time we went out. Lady in Blue tattooed? Hard to tell, but she does prefer mini skirts, it would appear. I was watching the double link train for awhile in case it moved, when the lower, single unit, came in from the left. Marcus, what timetable do they run to?? I would say this is the jet operations center.
  6. Just a quick initial shot from Bromma. SoFly UK Spring Day, hence the overcast sky etc. I like the detail. It looks like the chartered BN-2 is parked on a reinforced concrete pad? Anyway, I anticipate finding all sorts of good stuff later today & over the weekend. Very nicely done Marcus, RWAD. (Renowned & Widely Acclaimed Developer) TTM
  7. Hey everyone, Today I am delighted to show some more screenshots of my upcoming Stockholm-Bromma. In the previous thread we focused on the city and approach, this time we spend a little bit of time on the airport. More previews will be coming in the nearby future, so keep checking in. Even though aviation has nearly halted during the pandemic there has been one destination at Bromma that just keeps hanging in there. To the extent that a new airline was launched last year with the focus on this beautiful island. That island is Gotland with the main city Visby which hosts their airport. So to keep you occupied (for the ones living by real time timetable routes) we've decided to include Visby airport in our Stockholm package. I hope you will enjoy that treat! Talk to you all soon, thanks for the support.
  8. Hey there, Just wanted to show a few more screenshots from Bromma. We are getting closer! Thanks for your patience and continuous support. If you haven't checked it out already, here is the latest preview thread:
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