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  1. When we install the WU7 next week must we unistall the Sidney scenery and Sidney airport that we bought from Orbx? Stelios
  2. Sorry if I buy it, I will pay Orbx not the developer, therefore they must answer the question. If they cant then they must not advertise it in their website. If I buy a car from an agent and something goes wrong then I will take it back and they will fix it , they are not going to send me to the manufacturer.
  3. Its Unbelievable that Orbx does not respond to this.....
  4. Why? Its Orbx who is selling it and they should know. I don't want to go to another site to find the answer.
  5. If I purcase Landmarks Chicago, will it conflict with the Meigs Airfield that I have installed? Stelios
  6. What is the new update that you posted. It is advisable to let us know Nothing is mentioned in your Orbx Release Announcements
  7. Does this mean that this hotfix will fix all the items that were in my community folder that they were showing as not installed? including the Orbx products?
  8. On another note, do I install now the Orbx Paris City pack or not? I know for example that Arc de Triomphe is included in both Orbx and world update 4. what will it happen ?
  9. I have tried that option "Main Library" for the Moscow landmarks and still showing not installed.
  10. So how do you install them in your own "library". Mine was installed as per Orbx option in "The Flight Simulator Library"
  11. All the products that I have purchased from Orbx (except the Paris landmarks that I will install later) are working in the sim, but in the Content manager it says that there are not installed. Anybody else has this?
  12. After the world update 4 (France and Benelux) in the Content manager of MSFS ALL the Orbx products that I have purchased are showing that there are not installed although in reality are installed. Did anyone else has this problem?
  13. I have purchased from you the Paris landmarks. Will it be a conflict now with the France update from MSFS? Must I uninstall it? Stelios
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