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Aerosoft Twotter Update Requested

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Certainly- Happy Australia Day Orbx and all those in Oz, and thanks for the update!


For the other- Orbx pushed the update over half a day after receiving it… surely some query was warranted from an eager Twotter enthusiast? Occasionally, we are just customers with accompanying expectations, we cannot always be sycophants.



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35 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


To be fair, publishing an update by 11 am local time that was probably received in the middle of the night

preceding a public holiday could also be interpreted as excellent customer service.



I have received nothing else (mostly from you representing Orbx) and that, coupled with my eagerness for an update to a beloved aircraft prompted my second query. Perhaps I should have waited longer before the follow up, for as you say I’m accustomed to an excellent experience.

Nothing shattering- a tempest in a teacup for sure. Hopefully we are all still friends- C

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