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  1. Nick- I have received nothing else (mostly from you representing Orbx) and that, coupled with my eagerness for an update to a beloved aircraft prompted my second query. Perhaps I should have waited longer before the follow up, for as you say I’m accustomed to an excellent experience. Nothing shattering- a tempest in a teacup for sure. Hopefully we are all still friends- C
  2. Certainly- Happy Australia Day Orbx and all those in Oz, and thanks for the update! For the other- Orbx pushed the update over half a day after receiving it… surely some query was warranted from an eager Twotter enthusiast? Occasionally, we are just customers with accompanying expectations, we cannot always be sycophants. C
  3. It's midday in the middle of the work week down under... anyone at corporate reading this....?
  4. Hi- I purchased the Twin Otter from Orbx for ease and convenience of installation and updates. MK advised he pushed an update out today, would you please advise when we can expect it in our Downloads? Thanks for all you do for us all- C
  5. Nick- Sorry mate, still clear as mud.... the May 30 post says that the files are in the process of (I cannot fathom the delay) or have been transferred to Orbx... Should you be able to come up with something from within the company, I'd be most obliged. Ta! C
  6. No worries mate- Orbx is brilliant regardless. Just wanted to check... if you hear anything, do drop us a line. Ta- C
  7. I very much appreciate this user tip, however, I am even more interested in Vector Configurator reading all possible file locations (as read by Prepar3D v4). Like it or not, unless LM does an immediate about face, we are going (kicking and screaming in some cases) in the direction of add-on.xmls. The sooner the better IMHO. Thanks for any consideration for this viewpoint, Carl
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