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Throttle keeps jumping around

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It is happening on every aircraft I use in MS2020

@Doug - I am using a Honeycomb Bravo and its always throttle one - whether it a 2 /3 / 4 throttle setup

ie in a 2 throttle  - the offender is slot 1 in the honeycomb - in a 2 throttle jet it is slot 3


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2 hours ago, John Dow said:

Yes that's the most common problem especially when using FSUIPC and forgetting to delete the default binding! 

Thanks Guys - I dont use FSUIPC John - but - since the update - it has stopped ????? 

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I have this issue when doing the FS Academy Jetliner "Taxi in" tutorial. I use a Thrustmaster Warthog, but it also happens when I remove it and use the keyboard instead. The tutorial starts standing on the ground, but full power is applied instantly. Throttle movement just makes the levers jump erratically, and even if I keep F1 pressed with the virtual throttle levers at idle, the RPMs still go up. There is no way to bring the A320neo engines to idle, the viirtual throttles and the throttle setting indicator just keep jumping around. I try using the "active pause" to get the plane under control, but it still builds up speeds up to 180 kn.


The previous tutorials work nicely, no issues with the throttles whatsoever.


Edit: ah yes, here's the answer. Support - JETLINER | FS Academy Didn'T quite realize it'S not an Orbx product so I didn't look anywhere else.

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