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Landmarks Singapore floating Ship

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6 hours ago, rick66 said:

Airborne Ship in the Harbour.


Okay missed that one!

We told Yoda to stick with signing autographs!

Thanks for pointing it out, had to look hard but found it.

Beta testing has it's frustrations - you kinda have to ignore the great scenery around you and go looking for the small flaws.

So it's good to now be able to have a bit of fun with this scenery.

Doubtless this'll be fixed but, until then, as the Roman poet Horace said - Carpe Diem.

It's just about possible. :lol:




All the best,



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51 minutes ago, Holger Sandmann said:

Hi guys,


I'd appreciate if someone posted a top-down view of it, zoomed out a bit (= nearby ships included), so it'll be easier for me to track down once I get around to fixing it.


Cheers, Holger

Straight out from Marina Sands resort Holger!


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