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  1. I have disabled the city pack and the frame rates with YBBN v2 are still horrendous. Honestly this airport needs optimising. Disable YBBN Orbx and use default i get 80 fps. With Orbx i get stutters when panning and less than 20 fps. Load up a flight at any gate and prove me wrong!
  2. Same method as NZQN if you have payware Adam. Just remove it from your content manager in the sim and mark it as false in the content xml. Martin at FlyTampa told me to disable it to prevent issues. WU7 FT YSSY is fine without the default installed. Great FPS as well.
  3. Hop in your plane and check it out! I did! They are all good.
  4. FPS are horrendous in Brisbane with the city pack and YBBN v2 after WU7. 10-15 fps. In comparison I open YSSY FlyTampa YSSY and Orbx city pack and i get 40-50 fps with ai traffic. Sydney is more dense and a much greater detail level in comparison and get better fps. I have deleted all my scenery dat files and content xml and no difference.
  5. Just the best shots from todays adventure around Glentanner in the Southern Alps in NZ. Gotta love Orbx mesh and the SWS Kodiak.. Great pair.
  6. Yes i have Navigraph. I deleted MSFS/Asobo YSSY folder completely from inside the content manager and also manually. And updated the Content.xml from active to false.
  7. Here is my Fly Tampa YSSY in Little Nav map. No errors. Did you disable the default YSSY airport? I have tested the ILS and also flown into KS many times and have no ILS errors or offset on any runway. Make sure you disable the MSFS default airport and move FT YSSY and scenery library down to the bottom of your Content XML.
  8. Great news. It's awesome to see our local developers on the Orbx platform. I wish Greg and Sean all the best.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of page 2 on this link and read that!. Another developer gives you all the answers you need regarding freeware airports and mesh.
  10. I joined VOZ in 2004 and then Orbx in 2006 as a customer and foundation member when John Venema announced on the VOZ forums that he was going commercial. The community was stoked and i looked forward to see what was coming in the future. I have been a proud customer of Orbx for 21 years and spent exactly $2,221.99 Since 2014, I have no records beyond this but i doubt it's way more with the FS Store. On friday night due to an oversight i made, Went and purchased a 3rd party product for MSFS2020, Orbx central was loaded into my P3d settings and i made the purchase like normal and didn't give it a second thought. Orbx central downloads and installs automatically( I know i have the choice to switch it to manual) And after dinner i realised the mistake and sent a support ticket and deleted the scenery. Unfortunately i am not entitled to have this airport swapped over to MSFS because of my mistake. The airport costs the same regardless of which sim you buy it for. I've decided to not deal with Orbx from this day forward because there is no loyalty returned to customers. I feel i have been labelled as a criminal or potential software pirate because the backend server shows i've already installed it! Make sure you double check your settings.
  11. Did you find this in KDEN?
  12. Witchcraft Adam... Fantastic conjuring done here! Amazing shots.....
  13. Just a heads up for others. Airport is perfect with no problems for me. I deleted my rolling cache and created a new one before i tried Newcastle. Only noticeable glitch was double windsocks at both ends of the rwys. Cheers Rick
  14. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bing-data-causing-crashes-with-add-on-airports-or-scenery/364649/49
  15. Doing a medical flight into LOWI from Geneva. Gotta love Orbx and MSFS in 4K
  16. Yes most of them work.
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