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TE Northern California Alcatraz & SF/Oakland Bay Bridge Update?


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TE Northern California Alcatraz & SF/Oakland Bay Bridge Update?


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This is a compilation of related postings that have collected with no tangible action taken to solve the underlying problem.

There are only three answers in the universe: Yes, No, Not Now.

If it's Yes, then when?

If it's No, I will bury the bone and grudgingly close this as "Final Version As Built"

If it's Not Now, then when should I become  the petulant small child that climbs into the back seat of the car and continually asks, "Are we there yet?".

I know I'm showing my age when I speak about direct conversations with JV, Holger, Misha, and others to get results. Good times. Now the load shifts to the moderators acting as a conduit to the mother ship. Granted, all the moderators are fine knowledgeable, helpful people with the patience of saints but, they do not work for Orbx, They are not compensated and are underappreciated for the important role they play. Hence the difference between "customer service" and "forum". Don't shoot the messenger. They give their all to a difficult job. Orbx has become a production shop and is no longer the fledgling company we once knew. I wish them continued growth and success. Change is the only thing that's guaranteed in life...


At this point it would be greatly appreciated if someone employed by Orbx responds to this for a definitive answer and take responsibility.


Jon Clarke, thank you, you have done an admirable job and tried your best to move this forward. Your actions do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. From my standpoint I'm just trying to help...



Roger Halunen

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@Tony Wroblewski


 On 5/28/2020 at 12:35 AM, Tony Wroblewski said:


This was the original bridge in the beta that was given to testers and where that shot came from:


The bridge was way too high and looked like a rollercoaster at the end, so we sent it back to be fixed. The fixed bridge is now not correct also. It will be redone for the update.


Forgive me Tony, I know you take great pride in your work and your integrity is beyond reproach. Rightfully so, it's the best and put Orbx where it is today. I think this anomaly bugs you more than anyone since you take such pride in your work. I know this is just crumbs and there's bread to be made elsewhere and that the decisions come from above...


What would JV do?



Roger Halunen


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