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terrible colors in Northern California


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I have been using TrueEarth US Northern California SD - X-Plane 11, and I live in Northern California.  


The scenery is impressive, but the coloring is totally wrong.  The whole area looks unnaturally red and burnt out.  No part of the state looks like this, ever, even after the recent fires.  Trees are green, cultivated fields are green.  In mid-summer the grassy fields look golden yellow, they never look reddish umber.


I think the Northern California coloration is almost offensive.  Is there a way to make the colors more realistic?

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Hi Bikkus


Welcome to the forum


This comment about the color of the textures has been posted by several


Despite many of us think should be fixed I think the reason for that is the photographs obtained, therefore I doubt this will be updated. I have the impression they have done their best out of that imagery.


You might find other posts (filtering North California or so) providing alternative temporary fixes for the coloring, if you'd like to try that but there won't be an immediate improvement of the area, as far as I know.






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There are a number of very good freeware programs for changing colours. I use two programs, sometimes at same time, some times separately. One is Scenery Animation Manager (SAM Suite) where you can select seasons and the other is BluFX which provides numerous colour selections to suit taste. Both work with X-Plane operating so you can see the difference. 

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18 minutes ago, mauricecohen said:

I have given up on the colors;  how about a fix for the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge?  The western span is just horrible (the bridge is also unfortunately one object).

While we're on the subject how about Alcatraz?


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