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  1. Hi George Sorry for the delay on this.. the update is still coming but sadly is delayed as there were more serious bugs to prioritise in other products that took my time away. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now as things are calming down
  2. We've been working with DigitalDesign on this... If you have their airport installed, their bridges will override ours, which is the correct way things should be ordered
  3. Odd, I'm not sure why this is missing from the version on Orbx Central.. Either way, here is the model and two textures... Please, unzip and drop the 3 files in to Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_North_TrueEarth_Custom/objects/Landmarks_6/ Archive.zip
  4. There should be a patch going live shortly on Orbx Central that will fix the misaligned orthos... However this doesn't fix the floating autogen buildings
  5. Hi, yes they can be safely deleted... Not sure how they made it in there
  6. @JPOM @clorgaa Please could you both try the attached patch and let me know if this resolves your problems before I submit this to OrbxCentral. The patch should 1) Fix the ortho issues around Perth airport 2) Fix the water on Loch Lomond and make Loch Lomond seaport usable 3) Fix the wrecked coastline and sinkhole at Loch Long (Blairmoor) To install this, make sure you extract the files and 1) Copy the contents of Earth nav data/+50-010 to ./Custom Scenery/Orbx_D_GB_North_TrueEarth_Orthos/Earth nav data/+50-010 and overwrite the files. 2) Copy the contents of terrain/ to ./Custom Scenery/Orbx_D_GB_North_TrueEarth_Orthos/terrain and overwrite the files.. DO NOT REPLACE THE ENTIRE TERRAIN FOLDER Do not replace the entire Orbx_D_GB_North_TrueEarth_Orthos with this one, make sure you merge them. N.B. Running "verify files" in Orbx Central will remove it and revert in case of issues. Orbx_D_GB_North_TrueEarth_Orthos.zip
  7. @sluflyer06 Please can you give this a try to fix Perth airport Download the attached file, and then overwrite : Custom Scenery/Orbx_D_GB_North_TrueEarth_Orthos/Earth Nav Data/+50-010/+56-004.dsf inside your X-Plane folder. This should fix up the misaligned orthos at Perth airport for you. N.B. We need to test this further before releasing to OrbxCentral to test compatibility with Dundee airport +56-004.dsf
  8. The cliffs are likely caused by flattens placed at airports and is a common problem with airports that use these. I checked the orthos and it seems the bug is actually in our original ortho data we purchased to use in this product and not an installation or scenery ordering issue (which wouldn't cause bugs like these either way). I'll have to first report the bug to them to get some correctly rectified imagery, then we can issue a patch to fix it. It may be easier initially just to provide a patched version of the airport as opposed to a full update.
  9. That's pretty bizarre, I don't recall seeing this one reported before.. I've opened a bug regarding it
  10. We are working on Alcatraz: There are actually quite a lot of new POIs here created in higher detail.. We're still working on getting it working with the terrain correctly.
  11. Yes, believe it or not, it's real.. When I went to photograph the airport it was quite a surprising site. The runway is closed most of the time and you need special permission to land there.
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