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  1. It does seem the toggle has somewhat got confused here and are possibly labelled incorrectly (nothing you've done, but our fault). One suggestion that may work is if you have the Canaries or Balearic Islands, you can toggle the roads on in that, and then copy the Roads folder to the folders John has shown above. We're currently beta testing a fix for TE Spain, so we'll get this one looked at as well. (Most are currently away on the Christmas break).
  2. Thanks... looks like some ordering issues as John pointed out. Other things I noticed are some third-party airports such as a_LEJR_Jerez_v1.0. I'm not sure what this package is, but if the developer has added buildings to Cadiz itself, they may have used exclusion zones that would wipe out our autogen etc..and I have seen this happen numerous times before We'd certainly need a screenshot to see what's going on however.
  3. Cadiz is most definitely there, it was the area I first worked on when creating the product as it's an area I was familiar with and is still the first area I start up in when testing things and fixes. It's impossible to tell you what's going on without further information. We'd need to see a screenshot of what you're seeing as well as your scenery_packs.ini file inside your custom scenery folder. It could either be: 1) You have a corrupt install somehow and the tile in particular covering Cadiz is missing or not loading.. Although I suspect you would have received a crash-to-desktop if something was corrupted 2) You have some other scenery installed in the area that is overriding TrueEarth Spain... We won't be able to tell without seeing your scenery_packs.ini file and a screenshot of the issue Cheers Tony
  4. I've updated the download in this thread to fix the missing airport buildings. Please redownload and replace the existing package This is a correct observation. The majority of the airports (freeware and default) seem to be missing facade and sometimes objects exclusions which is why autogen is bleeding through. Whilst we had this problem in other regions, most of the airports were quickly resolved and uploaded to the scenery gateway (and LR also helped with this). I've done my best to update the ones I can, but going through every single airport in the region is way beyond the scope of the product, and the downside of distributing scenery gateway airports with the region is that they will no longer benefit from updates to LR's scenery gateway. The scenery gateway is a community driven project and it relies on users creating and updating airports. Unlike the UK, Spanish airports haven't been given as much attention by the community.
  5. Please can you clarify which Aerosoft product you are having problems with... i.e. A payware product, or the default one included with X-Plane?
  6. Nobody can give you a definitive answer as none of us have XP12 yet, however from my chats with Laminar Research, all XP11 scenery will still work. The new lighting should make everything look better and much fresher as well.
  7. A couple of customers have reported issues with autogen colliding with some default airports. I've updated the airports here to include the correct exclusions and attached here. Please download, extract the folder and drop this in to you Custom Scenery folder, overwriting the folder already there. This fixes these airports: LEAL LEBA LEMO LEOC LEMX LEMG Please report any others you find here, and we'll get these patched to Orbx Central and also submitted to Laminar Research. Orbx_A_EU_Spain_South_TE_Airports.zip
  8. Most XP11 scenery will work in X-Plane 12. It'll look the same essentially (i.e. Without the 3d trees). It's too early to talk about plans as there isn't even an alpha version released yet.
  9. HD version is 1m/px (ZL17) and the SD version is 2m/px (ZL16)... This is the same resolution you see in TE products for the USA This is lower resolution than the Canary Islands which is 60cm/px because the size would have been several TBs. You can use your own Ortho4XP tile for LXGB, as long as you order it correctly, i.e. place it above the TE orthos folder, but below the rest of the TE Spain scenery if your goal is to keep the autogen but use your own imagery. re: XP12... The scenery should work fine in XP12, however it won't include the new trees and this will require an update to the product eventually. It's too early for us to decide at this time about product upgrades until we also know more.
  10. The complete south part of the country (not just the coast). If you draw a line just north of Castello de la Plana and across just south of Madrid you'll get the approx coverage area. It's based on X-Plane tiles, and goes up to 40 degrees north. It also spills over in to Portugal, however the Portuguese part is using X-Plane's default autogen and is only included for completeness.
  11. It is included, yes. It just doesn't include POIs. The mesh is the same detail as the rest of the region
  12. Watching the video, it looks like the roof of some building at close range, like some building geometry has gone hay-wire (literally). Will need to hunt this one down and noted as a bug As for the floating buildings around airports, these are generally caused by flattens being added to airports (mostly default) that often don't need them. Basically it lowers the terrain all around the airport causing things that are placed at fixed elevations to then float in the air. The buildings are likely at the correct elevation but the terrain isn't. The fix for these is to remove the flattens on the airports in question (and this will depend on which airport you are using, i.e. Gateway, payware, freeware, etc).
  13. @Emma Kate Bentley Hi Emma.. I'd suggest you create an MUXP patch for your sceneries and if they work and don't cause any issues then we can permanently patch them to the mesh. The caveat is that we need to ensure that it doesn't effect any other versions of your airports people may have (including the default ones). This is why ideally I'd prefer for you to create an MUXP patch, and then you can distribute this (or the DSF) with your scenery (or as a toggle-able option in our scenery in Orbx Central) Info on MUXP here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/67230-mesh-updater-x-plane-muxp/ In short, I'm unable to take an existing mesh DSF that you've created and merge to our mes and it's far more complicated to do this and would likely require the tool the original author (Maps4XPlane) used to patch our mesh as well, which I don't have. We use high resolution DEM and LiDAR data to create the mesh, so you'd end up needing to edit our existing DEM data. By far the simplest solution is the MUXP approach, and other developers have already done this for some airports in our GB region (some have even been merged in to the main product)
  14. Hi George Sorry for the delay on this.. the update is still coming but sadly is delayed as there were more serious bugs to prioritise in other products that took my time away. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now as things are calming down
  15. We've been working with DigitalDesign on this... If you have their airport installed, their bridges will override ours, which is the correct way things should be ordered
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