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Good evening!


I have an issue with EGNM Leeds scenery. I do not have dynamic lights there, everything is extremely dark. I use P3D v5 HF2, Dynamic lights are set to on and they work elsewhere. I tried verification of files for both the airport and Orbx libraries, with no result. 


Is is there anything I can do to have those lights at night?



I have it installed using XML method.

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13 hours ago, Doug Sawatzky said:



I have done a search of the forums and found nothing in regards to EGNM and dynamic lighting which leads me to believe they are not part of this airport as mine also show no dynamic lights...hopefully I am wrong.

Thank You Doug!

Your answer is somewhat comforting, since if there is a problem, it is more wide spread.
I would not mind those lights that much, but at the moment the apron is so dark it makes it impossible to taxi at night with taxi lights off. If there are no dynamic lights, there should be any form of baked textures, and there are not.

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Is there any possibility to obtain support with the reported issue? The issue is obvious and yet no response from developers up to this day. 

I remain at any disposal needed and I hope the issue will be resolved or at least addressed soon...

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The lighting at Stand 3 appears to be incredibly overpowerful -- makes the cockpit unusable and you can also see the highly lit textures in the cockpit and cabin from outside. Have tried rebuilding my shaders and have tried cycling EA/HDR off and then back on as that sometimes resolves some lighting/reflection errors. Have also tried multiple aircraft in the same spot and have checked at Gate 7 where the issue is not present.


FYI -- the Orbx Dynamic Lights profile fixes this




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