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  1. Hi, I just verified the Orbx Global Base and the red text is gone. Issue fixed. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I have these tiles all over high terrain in africa. Running FTX global. V5.3 Hf 1. Any ideas how to solve this?
  3. Hi guys, just for the record: I'm suffering from the same stutters when approaching the coast of the UK with FTX Global and EU LC. For me, it's mainly near the SABER waypoint. Cheers
  4. Also experienced this issue at ESNQ (Kiruna) in V5.1.
  5. Hi guys, noticed some strange floating of - actually - the whole aerodrome layout: In addition, I can also confirm the "invisible wall" that pushes me straight down to the ground on approach to RWY08. Cheers
  6. Quick update: just verified my library....and now the issue is gone.
  7. Dear Jacob, I have exactly the same issue (V.4.0.16 of FTX Central), even withouth Germany North/South installed. This is a screenshot of central/west germany in which you can see the black tiles. Aircraft is located at Frankfurt (EDDF). I have verified the LC EU files and everything seems fine. Issue is still present even withouth REX. Installed ORBX products in this region: ORBX Global ORBX EU LC Cheers, Nik
  8. Hey guys, I do have the same "problem" as in the first picture. I am using P3D V4.3. In addition, the frames drop significantly when I am at a gate position. Usually I do not have any problems with dynamic lights. Cheers, Nik
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