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  1. I thought that this issue was already mentioned and resolved together with EGNM issue. There was a separate thread for this some time ago...
  2. That makes sense, thank You for the reply. Really looking forward to it, EGNM is a well done airport
  3. Hello! It has been 18 days since the issue was confirmed, and the issue is still not solved... Is there any estimate when the fix will be available? Or maybe is it possible to provide a fix before the update to Orbx libs is up?
  4. Hello! Is it only me, or the issue is still not resolved? I did not get any update to Orbx Libs or anything else, and the issue still exists. @Greg Jones, @Nick Cooper, could You confirm the fix was already uploaded and shared with users? Best regards Marek Mysior
  5. I have another suggestion, something I am dreaming of for some time. It would be great, if there will be a possibility to import a flightplan and show it split for each waypoint, with possibility to write for each waypoint: 1) Estimated Time Over waypoint 2) Actual Time Over Waypoint 3) Fuel Used 4) Fuel onboard This means, for each waypoint, estimated fuel should be shown as well, for example from Simbrief's OFP. This would make it possible to make fuel checks directly in the software. Best regards Marek Mysior
  6. Thank You very very much! Looking forward to it
  7. Is there any possibility to obtain support with the reported issue? The issue is obvious and yet no response from developers up to this day. I remain at any disposal needed and I hope the issue will be resolved or at least addressed soon...
  8. Thank You Doug! Your answer is somewhat comforting, since if there is a problem, it is more wide spread. I would not mind those lights that much, but at the moment the apron is so dark it makes it impossible to taxi at night with taxi lights off. If there are no dynamic lights, there should be any form of baked textures, and there are not.
  9. Is there any possibility to have any support with my issue?
  10. Are there any additional information I can provide, that will make it possible to identify the issue?
  11. Good evening! I have an issue with EGNM Leeds scenery. I do not have dynamic lights there, everything is extremely dark. I use P3D v5 HF2, Dynamic lights are set to on and they work elsewhere. I tried verification of files for both the airport and Orbx libraries, with no result. Is is there anything I can do to have those lights at night? P.S I have it installed using XML method.
  12. @Nick Cooper, I have found an additional issue with GEN. I am not sure if anyone posted this before. That is how it looks like around Berlin Tegel (only POI's visible, no regular buildings and trees). Disabling FTX Germany North (I installed it as .xml) fixes the issue. This wasn't happening before migrating. FIles for FTX Germany North were verified.
  13. Thank You very much for the reply. Of course, I will wait for the update and see what it brings. As I mentioned, I have a work around for now, so I can enjoy flying without issues. Best regards Marek Mysior
  14. Please see my first post, scenery order presented there makes mixed textures, so I think it should not be this way. Moving all FTX entries above openLC fixes the issue. Could You please give a link to the solution? As I mentioned, workaround for me is to manually change layers in .xml files within ORBX library. Each time ORBX resynchronizes things.
  15. @Mitchell Williamson, could You please provide some update on this subject? I am still experiencing the very same issue since ORBX Central v1.06, v1.10 did not help. Every time I install scenery using ORBX Central, FTX Regions are placed below OpenLC regions. I have found out, that the reason is wrong layer number in .xml files for FTX Regions, which I edit manually each time the order is messed.
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